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Returns & Replacements Updated in 2021
Important Tips and Instructions
1. This "After-sales Service Terms and Conditions" (hereinafter referred to as "ASS T&C") applies to all members who have successfully registered and used services on the GoTen platform ( Members are also called "distributors". If a distributor who has purchased the goods on the GoTen platform encounters an after-sales problem, the supplier of the goods will entrust GoTen platform to deal with it in accordance with ASS T&C.
2. The after-sales problems of the orders placed by the distributor before the effective date of this ASS T&C shall apply to the effective after-sales service rules at that time; the after-sales problems of the goods purchased after the effective date of this ASS T&C shall apply to ASS T&C.
3. The GoTen platform is entitled to adjust the ASS T&C at any time according to the operating conditions and publicize it to distributors in the form of notice shown on the GoTen website. Distributors can check the latest version of the ASS T&C at the bottom of the homepage on or the "Help Center". Distributors who have received the notice on the adjustments of After-sales Service Terms and Conditions are deemed to accept these terms and conditions, as well as the subsequent adjustments from time to time.
4. ASS T&C is revised on May 5, 2021, and takes effect from May 5, 2021. 
5. The previous version of ASS T&C is as follows:

1. Rules of Returns and Replacements

2. Calculating delivery time

(1) Since the day after the tracking status shows delivered.


3. The following products do not support unconditional returns

(1) Products that have been marked Not support unconditional return on the product page.

4. The following cases will not be processed

(1) Any product not sold on the GoTen platform (SKU does not match);

(2) Products out of warranty;

(3) Timeliness of the case processing: please timely reply to the message from the GoTen customer service in your Consultation record ("My GoTen" - "Order management" - "Returns and refunds") within 7 days. Any overdue case will be rejected and it will be deemed as giving up your after-sales service of the order.

      If GoTen provides RL/RMA, please return the product within 15 days after receiving the RL. Any overdue case will be rejected.

(4) For all after-sales issues, if you do not communicate with GoTen customer service to confirm the issue type before applying for an appeal, the GoTen platform will not bear the full refund whatever the issue type is.

5. Charges of the return shipping fee

(1) Customer issues: the end customer bears the return shipping fee; if the distributor needs to purchase the RL from the GoTen platform, GoTen will regard the after-sale issue as the unconditional return, whatever the issue type the end customer applies for.

(2) Non-customer issues: the supplier of the product bears the return shipping fee but does not provide value-added services, such as door-to-door pickup.


6. Return types

(1) Unconditional return: the end customer indicates not wanting/disliking/making a wrong purchase via emails, or directly applies for the return on the marketplace.

(2) Non-unreasonable return: issues caused by shipping carriers, products broken, product issues, or returns by logistics service providers.


7. The refund amount during and after sale

(1) The refund amount does not involve handling fee; VAT fees for UK orders can be refunded according to the proportion of the refundable order amount;

(2) Refund instructions: 1. If the payment method is Paypal or credit card, the amount of money will be sent back to the payment method of your original payment account; 2. For other payment methods, the amount of money will be sent back to your GoTen account balance;

8. Processing time of after-sales issues

(1) The feedback on after-sales issues on business days will be processed on the same day;

(2) The feedback on after-sales issues on non-business days will be postponed to process on business days.