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Help document

1. What currencies can I use for payment on GoTen platform?

There are two currencies that can be used for payment on GoTen platform:

(1)  US Dollars (USD)

(2)  Pounds (GBP)

2. How to pay for the orders on GoTen platform?
You can pay for the orders in the following ways:


(1)  Payoneer can be used to recharge or pay for the orders directly.

(2)  Payoneer account and currency are needed before recharging or payment.

(3)  Recharge and pay in real-time.


(1) Recharge the balance via Payoneer in your GoTen account.

(2) Pay for the orders with the recharged balance.

(3) The balance can be withdrawn, but only to the payment method of your original payment.

3. How to Add/Delete a Payment Method?

1. To use a payment method, like Payoneer, you should add a corresponding payment account at first;

2. When you use a payment method to pay, the selected payment account should be consistent with the actual payment account you use. Otherwise, you can't complete the payment;

3. Successfully paying an order with a payment account is deemed to have successfully bound the payment account. As for a payment method, you can bind up to 3 accounts.

4. In the settings of "Billing information," you can add, edit, or delete an unbound payment account. However, once bound, the payment account can't be edited freely. If you want to make any change, you need to submit an application and obtain approval.

5. Should any information change with a bound payment account, for example, the email address, you can't use it to pay. However, you can apply to delete the account, and add the payment account again by using the latest information.

4. Handling Fee
No service charge will be included in the prices of products that come with free shipping from 9:00 a.m. (PST), August 31, 2020. Henceforth, when topping up your account or paying for orders, you will have to pay the handling fee according to the payment method you choose. As for different payment methods, the specific rates are as follows:

Payment Method

Handling Fee for Transaction

Handling Fee for Top-up

Handling Fee for Remittance









Bank Transfer



Subject to specific bank transfer rates

Note: Because handling fees are charged by third-party payment processors, after new billing rules take effect from 9:00 a.m. (PST), August 31, 2020, handling fees will not be returned in case of refunds of orders shipped. The rest of the order amount will be returned to the balance of your GoTen account. Handling fees will not be charged if you use the balance to pay for orders.

Have any questions?
Please feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to hear from you.
1) You may sign in to your GoTen account and contact your account manager.
2) You may directly submit your question here. 


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