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About Goten

Goten is a distribution platform under Shenzhen Qianhai Goten Network Co. Ltd, which focuses on cross-border e-commerce exports. Our start-up team entered the cross-border e-commerce industry in 2007. In 2012, the company opened the overseas warehouse and carried out distribution business. For years, our company’s team has been improving service level around the concept of “make cross-border simpler”. Not only that, we provide online software and remote data backup services for sellers.

Goten platform relies on the advantages of its own overseas warehouse to integrate the high quality supply chain resources at home and abroad, and launches an overseas warehouse drop shipping service for cross-border sellers to solve a series of business problems like insufficient funds, high risk of overseas warehouse, difficult selection of commodities, lack of category lines, long development time of new products, etc.

The Goten platform had established an overseas warehouse supply network, mainly in the United Stated and Britain, and covering all European and American countries. We work with DHL, USPS, fedex and other leading express companies in the world. The platform really achieve extremely fast shipping in 24 hours, which greatly reduces the logistics time, and it can meet the time limitation requirements of each big platform to help you build best sellers. At present, the products of Goten overseas warehouse has 26 category lines that covers home improvement, outdoor courtyard, sports & health, 3C, pet supplies and more, and it has over 20000+ SKU. At the same time, we have a senior professional QC team to strictly control product quality, ensuring the applause rate of every product and high-quality source of goods, which can help you to build a gold medal store.

In order to facilitate the promotion of sellers. Goten provides professional product description, detailed pages, and high clarity product pictures . Our platform has a strong technical team that will constantly improve our website according to the needs of our customers. We are willing to work together with you on the cross-border e-commerce road to find and grow together!

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