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Wish Dropshipping Guide for Beginners

Cheryl • How to Set Up Your Store

Jun 04,2020 15 min read

Dropshipping is an interesting ecommerce business for many people today. The dropshipping business can lead to a prospective future because it can bring a lot of profits for the dropshippers. If you are planning to start your own business on the Internet, you can begin learning about how you can dropship any of your favorite products on the Internet.


To offer your products to your customers by using your website, marketplace, social media, etc., one of the most popular dropshipping marketplace websites that you can use is Wish. This article is about Wish dropshipping and how you are going to get benefits from this marketplace.




Does Dropshipping on Wish Work?

If you want to achieve your success as a professional dropshipper, you can consider opening your account on Wish.

Does Wish do dropshipping? Can you dropship on Wish? Is Wish a dropshipping site?

Wish is regarded as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the Internet today. This marketplace has more than 200 million global users.

It can be the best opportunity for you to reach a lot of customers who are ready to buy any of your favorite products. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from this Wish system. Here are some good reasons why you have to consider using Wish as your favorite dropshipping system.


1. Wish's recommendations

Can I Dropship on Wish successfully? The answer is definitely yes. This is the first reason why you have to consider using Wish as your favorite marketplace platform.

Wish is going to recommend popular products to the users based on their wishlists and previous purchases. Wish has a powerful AI-powered product recommendation system. Therefore, this system can find the best products that are suitable for all of your customers. It has a smart user data mining algorithm system that can provide a lot of opportunities for sellers to sell any products to the market.


2. A lot of active customers or shoppers in the system

Wish has more than 250,000 daily shoppers who are active in the system. These shoppers come from more than 70 different countries from around the world. It means that you can get access to these shoppers, especially when you want to sell any dropshipping products easily.

From the Wish's statistics, you can see that Wish can generate more than 1.5 million orders every day on its platform. The number of customers from Wish can open a lot of opportunities for new and existing dropshippers who want to be successful with Wish.


3. Easy dropshipping platform

Does Wish do dropshipping? You can dropship any products by using Wish as a sales platform. Even as a beginner in this dropshipping industry, you can still get a lot of benefits from Wish.

This website offers a user-friendly mobile app, which is easy-to-navigate, with a safe payment gateway. Your customers will enjoy buying products from your Wish store. Wish also offers some popular eCommerce plugins that you can use for improving the overall customers' experience in your store. It is very profitable for you who want to sell any items on the Wish marketplace.


How to Start Wish Dropshipping and Begin Selling on Wish?

1. Find the best dropshipping supplier

This is the first thing that you need to do, especially if you want to be successful with your Wish drop shipping business. You need to find the best dropshipping supplier to support your dropshipping business. GoTen can be a perfect wholesaler company that you can use today.

This website offers more than 20,000 profitable SKUs, so you can choose the best products for your dropshipping Wish store easily. You can enjoy its real-time order processing from It offers free delivery for its fast shipping process.

Register, and you can enjoy free membership, big discounts to dropship top-selling products easily, manage the daily operation of your online store with ease through GoTen's dropshipping automation solution. You will also receive free product recommendations based on big data research for the latest trending products via email to keep your dropshipping business competitive.


2. Select the best product categories for your store

How to sell on Wish? Once you find the best wholesale supplier for your store, you need to find some hot-selling products that are good for your customers. Wish has a wide range of categories, for example, fashion, home decor, phone upgrades, accessories, tops, baby and kids, wallet and bags, makeup and beauty, etc. It is a good idea for you to test several product categories before you decide to stick to the best category for your store.


3. Sign up for the Wish seller account

Before selling on the Wish marketplace, you can sign up on the Wish system as the seller. It is time for you to create your Wish seller account and start adding some items to your store. Use your Wish merchant account page when you want to add some products to your dropshipping store.

You need to include some necessary details when signing up, for example, mobile phone number, home address, email address, and also payment information.

When creating your store, you will be asked for your store name. This name should be suitable for your business for a long time because you cannot change your seller name. You can visit its official store for learning about how to dropship on Wish.



Useful Tips for Wish Dropshipping

1. Have competitive pricing

If you want to be successful as a seller in the Wish marketplace, you need to have competitive pricing for yourself. It is a good idea for you to optimize your product price, so you can meet your customers' expectations. You can dropship some portable and cheap products for being offered in your Wish store. However, you still need to check the quality of your products for reducing the refund rate in your store.


2. Must be authorized to sell branded products

This is another important requirement from Wish. If you want to dropship branded products, Wish will ask you to get an authorization for selling from the brand owners. This policy is specially created to prevent product abuse or infringement. To sell on Wish dropshipping, you need to have a proof of authorization from the brand owners in the form of trademark, license, and also the manufacturer's invoice.


3. Must sell new products

Wish doesn't allow you to sell refurbished products. All items on the Wish marketplace should be brand new. Therefore, you should avoid dropshipping items from liquidation websites because these sites have a lot of low-quality items.

You should find the best dropshipping supplier that offers a lot of high-quality new products for all dropshippers. You might also consider dropshipping from Wish.

Based on big data research, on, there is a dedicated product recommendation section for you to easily choose the best-selling items for Wish dropshipping.


Wrapping up

After you learn the above about how to dropship on Wish, you will be able to get a lot of benefits from this marketplace. It can be the best place for you to start your dropshipping business. Please remember, dropshipping with Wish allows you to easily reach a lot of potential customers.

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