14 Best Wholesale2B Alternatives for Dropshipping

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Jun 21,2020 14 min read


Dropshipping has now become a popular and easy way to start your own business. It is a retail fulfillment method where the dealer does not have to stock any supplies, he or she transfers the customers order directly to the wholesaler who then directly ships the product to the customer. In the entire process, you will earn the profit as a retailer without getting in contact with the product directly, this is a major difference between dropshipping and normal retail business.

With the advent of dropshipping, various websites have started providing facilities to make the process convenient for you. As one of the best dropshipping websites, Wholesale2b provides online sellers with good service and trustworthy products. This article will introduce some wholesale2b alternatives for dropshippers.



Wholesale2B is one such website where you can combine dropshipping products from various dropshipping suppliers. You do not have to sign up with any supplier as Wholesale2B will take care of your orders and returns with the suppliers. Wholesale2B provides services like automated dropshipping solutions, setting up a new store, import of products and much more.


Wholesales2B gives you a chance to increase your business revenue that too without working extra hours. It allows you to manage your dropship business from just one account.


The Pros

  • Wholesale2B has direct integration with companies like Amazon, and eBay
  • The dropship website has more than 1.5 million products from various categories like electronics, entertainment, home, apparel, health, sports accessories and a lot more
  • The company has amazing inventory and export features that are important for dropshipping
  • There is also a feature which allows you to get notifications regarding certain products if they are out of stock
  • You can also get a data feed of products from Wholesale2B if you already have an up and running website for dropshipping. These data feeds are quite compatible with most software.


The Cons

  • The sales and performance tools are not as much useful
  • Customer Support Service is not well maintained
  • You have to subscribe to a monthly plan before you sell anything through the website


Suitable Alternatives for Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B is not just the only provider of dropshipping services. There are a number of alternatives to provide you dropshipping solutions. Here are 14 dynamic dropship companies that serve as a great alternative to Wholesale2B, these include Volusion, Spocket, Oberlo, Printful, AliDropship to name a few.


1. Volusion

Volusion is an affordable dropshipping software that has a great impact on the market. It has built-in tools that allow the smooth functioning of your business. You can also edit your store on Volusion by choosing your preferable themes and colors. Additionally, Volusion has a team of a skilled professional and 24x7 customer support that make it a great alternative.


2. GoTen.com

With GoTen dropshipping platform, you can improve the productivity of your business as it keeps you updated with the latest buying trends ad more. GoTen.com provides free and quick shipping of the products, therefore maintains customer satisfaction. If you are a registered member of GoTen dropshipping platform, you do not have to pay any additional membership fees.


3. Spocket

It is a brilliant alternative for Wholesale2B as it has more advanced features. The suppliers on Spocket are also high-quality ones, therefore delivery of good quality products is ensured. Spocket also has a great pricing structure.


4. Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping service available for Shopify users. You can add the products you want, to your Shopify store and ship directly to the customers. Oberlo has features like multiple user accounts, product customization, sales tracking and a lot more.


5. Printful

Printful is also accessible only to Shopify users. You can easily carry out printing and dropshipping processes with Printful. You just have to pay for the items that you add to your cart, no additional membership is required. Printful offers great customer service.


6. Orange Manager

Orange manager is another good alternative to Wholesale2B. It allows you to dropship products, manage the order, engage customers, track your inventory and a lot more. The software is designed to help you deal with major dropshipping issues like managing orders and postage printing.


7. Orderhive

Compared with Wholesale2b, you can streamline your business processes easily with Orderhive. It is a multi-channel system that lets you focus on your main business. Orderhive is advanced software with excellent features.


8. Dsco

It is a platform that simplifies the transactions between the suppliers and retailers with its networked supply chains. Few features of Dsco include shipping optimization, automated inventory validation, data check and much more.

9. AliDropship

AliDropship is a Wordpress business solution for AliExpress clients. It has built-in themes, live statistics and an all-in-one dashboard to make the interface user friendly. You also get discount coupons with certain purchases.


10. ShipRocket

ShipRocket is integrated with Amazon, Magento, Kartrocket eBay and others. This dropship service offers quick deliveries globally with professional shipping services like FedEx, Aramex, Ecom Express and Bluedart. It has features like shipping rate calculator, order management, and order tracking services.


11. Temando

Temando provides an intelligent service throughout the entire process from the sale of the product until the delivery. Temando accelerates your revenue and helps your business grow.


12. Inventory Source

Inventory Source has over one million products that are sourced from about 100 suppliers. The dropship service charges you for each supplier, but the range of products it offers is incredible. Inventory Source has a great inventory and provides appropriate account support for the users.


13. Salehoo

Salehoo vs Wholesale2b? It is hard to say. If you want to reach trustworthy suppliers within no time, Salehoo is the best option for you. Here, you can check the list of suppliers to know whether they can be trusted or not. Salehoo is an affordable dropship service with award-winning customer support.


14. Easync

Easync helps you in creating listings of products, search product, and generate reports. You can also directly send messages to buyers on Easync. Some key features of Easync include order management, shipment tracking, and pricing optimization.


Dropshipping is a great way to run a business with just a little investment and zero logistics. Although there are many options for dropshipping services available, you must choose the service that is the most trustworthy, for you as well as for your customers. You must keep in mind the shipping time, quality of products, tracking the shipment, and plans before you select any of the above dropship services.




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