Best Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in the USA/China

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May 28,2020 16 min read

In any B2B enterprise, knowing the most suitable wholesaler for a variety of products to work with is a critical decision. The furniture supply chain is not left out. In the largest world economies such as the United States and China, there are well enough wholesale suppliers of this product. This article would help you to know about making the right choice concerning selecting the best furniture wholesale suppliers in the USA and China. 

Criteria on how to choose reliable furniture wholesale suppliers

To find out if a wholesale furniture supplier is the best for you, you should consider at least the following three criteria:


1. Dependable Shipping

Dropshipping has a crucial part- the shipping stage. When you go for a wholesaler, one of your main reason should be shipping. How do they handle shipping? Are they timely shippers? Do they provide an alternative means for cases of unforeseen delays like climate? These questions need to be asked and met with a satisfactory answer. Purchasing at the lowest and highly competitive price can still lead to a loss if the shipment is messed up.


2. Price of the Product

The higher you buy, the lower you tend to pay is believed to be the only way of getting a lower price offer. There are other ways. Comparing prices with other Wholesalers is one. The geographical location of the wholesaler. The nearness of the wholesaler to your buyers translates to a lesser fee on shipping. You're also favored or otherwise with your Wholesalers location. Let us assume you are in Frankfort, Germany, and your wholesaler resides in Alabama, USA. In this scenario, you are the one with the higher currency, and this is in your favor. If otherwise, the currency exchange is not in your favor.


3. Product Offerings 

The wholesaler of your choice should offer the product you want not as a one time offer but consistently. Searching for wholesalers frequently to always have something in your inventory could be daunting. Do they offer a product you would want to have in your inventory at a later time? If yes, then you have saved yourself some resources to be expended in future time. Also, inquire if they provide you with a detailed catalog for their products that makes the buying process an easy one.

4 Best Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in the USA

There are great financial benefits one can derive from dropshipping furniture in the USA. This year 2020 alone, US furniture sales will touch much more than $100b. All the same, you must get the best furniture dropship suppliers USA when you decide to bring your dropshipping business into the furniture sector. You can find four of the best suppliers in the American wholesale furniture sector here.


Top wholesale furniture distributors themselves,, offers high-quality home furniture at reasonably priced rates. A beautiful feature they offer is a likeliness of free shipping on each thing they sell. This also factors in shipping within the adjoining US. Within 2 – 3 days, you can ship orders out promptly. They provide an array of furniture for all requirements and spaces. These include the living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, outdoor and wholesale office furniture. Moreover, they provide accents and lighting showing their current merchandise. 

2. Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

A wholesale furniture distributor in the States with over two decades of experience is the Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise. They work with sector-leading dropship suppliers to offer more than 20,000 diverse wholesale dropship items. Sunrise WM also has membership with eBay Developers Program as well as Better Business Bureau with a top rating. Via TrustCommerce, Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise secures every transaction their partners make with them. The furniture stock often comprises of home decoration and other lesser elements. 

3. Wholesale Central

One of the foremost business-to-business directories of wholesale distributors, suppliers, and items is Wholesale Central. They provide a great sourcing device to assist resellers in discovering thousands of prescreened importers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers as well as dropshippers. You do not require any registration to search the website and shop for wholesale wares that are in stock at a premium value. 

Also, the directory screens and reviews each company to affirm they are real wholesalers. On this site, furniture dropship suppliers in the USA come to nothing less than nineteen (19) wholesalers from all over the US. 

4. VIG Furniture

One of the most exceptional furniture wholesale suppliers for home décor in the US is VIG Furniture. They seem to draw inspiration for the creation of their products from great European designs. They provide an array of modern, transitional, and customary home furniture. The important things that distinguish their wares are the inventive strategy, functionality, and, to be specific, competitive rating. The furniture company demands no minimum order requests. What's more, they ship their items all over the States, offering dependable customer support and efficient ordering procedure. 

3 Best Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in China

The furniture market has experienced a steady growth rate in China. You can find several 3 best furniture wholesale suppliers in China.

1. GoTen

GoTen is one of the most premium yet free dropshipping sites you can find. GoTen may not be the largest site to dropship the best furniture items from, but they are one of the best. Curiously, this helps them to ensure only high-quality products make it to their site. This is unlike some other sites who only care about the numbers. GoTen vets the products and suppliers. They ensure the site meets the standards for providing items you can rely on. If you have a virtual store, you can conveniently sync it up with GoTen

GoTen brings you nearer to complete automation for your enterprise. This means that you can concentrate on other essential kinds of stuff, such as generating traffic. 

More so, as most dropshippers are in China, which may bring about slow delivery, GoTen manages warehouses around the world. In many instances, the items get to your buyers in a few days. Excitedly, GoTen likewise also offers wonderful support to its business partners. Many people who have used GoTen are often keen on using it over and over. If you are looking for one of the best furniture wholesale suppliers in China, you may check GoTen out today. 

goten website

2. AliExpress

AliExpress has countless furniture items you can dropship. They have lots of items readily in stock. They may genuinely not be a low-priced dropshipping platform you would find around, but they are impressively reliable. They have suppliers for every furniture categories such as wholesale restaurant furniture. If you are looking for the best furniture wholesale suppliers in China, you will find AliExpress suitable.

3. ChinaBrands

ChinaBrands source their items directly from China. They are one of the free yet best furniture wholesale suppliers you can find in China. As you may be aware, China's items are very cheap. Yet, ChinaBrands do not play down the importance of quality in featuring their products. Their suppliers offer you exclusive furniture products, and you can go into many categories. For instance, you can choose to dropship outdoor furniture or wholesale patio furniture. You would find little or no difficulty in finding one or two things to sell through this dropshipping platform.


In the USA or China, successfully dropshipping in the furniture sector requires knowing the best furniture wholesale suppliers. Here, you have the tips on how you can choose reliable furniture wholesale suppliers. Grasping the points here helps you to effectively dropship furniture if you have a working partnership with reliable wholesalers.

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