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Top 5 Sites Like Alibaba: What's Its Biggest Competitor in Wholesale from China?

Cheryl • Selecting Suppliers

Jul 01,2020 16 min read

There is no doubt about it, Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce portals not only in China but also in the rest of the world. It offers many reliable suppliers that you can get your goods from at relatively low prices.


But as much as Alibaba is easily accessible and famous, it's not the only option you got. That said, if you are looking for other sites like, where you can enjoy similar benefits, then you've come to the right place.


We will discuss the top 5 sites like Alibaba for dropshipping. These wholesale websites like Alibaba are reliable, probably may even cost less, and will deliver what you ordered upfront. The fact that you will get less competitive offers, you will have a better chance of tapping into an even better class of customers in the market.



Advantages of Buying Wholesale from China

We are getting to the Alibaba alternatives shortly, but before that, let's take a look at some of the advantages of buying wholesale from china. Well, there are many reasons why small businesses source their products from China.


However, the most common one is always the low cost of the products. China is the renowned world's factory. That's because production costs are relatively smaller in China. Aside from the low prices, other benefits include:


  • Exposure to a large pool of suppliers that you can choose from
  • The quick response from China wholesale market will put you ahead of the game
  • You can quickly get items in small quantities
  • The influential culture of outsourcing platforms online hence you get smooth and convenient communication with the suppliers.


Finding the right supplier in China is essential. When you have one of the product designs, the right supplier will take you a step closer to your dreams. Just a few years back, people had to fly over to China in person to find suppliers, but this has changed over the years. Alibaba is the leading online business platform, but today we will also take a look at other China sites like Alibaba that you can consider.


Alibaba Overview: Pros and Cons

Without a doubt, Alibaba is one of the few platforms that focus on connecting businesses with global manufacturers. On top of that, with Alibaba, companies can order products from the best suppliers across the world. That said, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Alibaba to replenish your supplies.


  • There is excellent product categorization
  • The environment is friendly to all business owners
  • You are exposed to a wide range of suppliers in just one click
  • They sell goods in bulk so you will quickly replenish your inventory
  • Alibaba charges high commission


  • It is necessary to verify the product quality

Top 5 Sites Like Alibaba for Dropshipping

There is no denying that there are many online stores like Alibaba, however, we've picked up the top 5 of the best for you here.

1. 1688

Also owned by Alibaba, is an online directory with a large pool of Chinese suppliers. In terms of the size, it is the biggest competitor of Alibaba, the most well-known Chinese website like Alibaba.

In fact, it's the most prominent online wholesale website in the whole of China. The only difference between it and Alibaba is that it mostly caters to the local, domestic market in China. 1688 holds millions of traders, manufacturers, and buyers, which makes business smoother.


The fact that quality standards are relatively lower as compared to most other countries, it means the quality of products is slightly smaller, so is the price. As much as you will get your goods at lower prices, most of the suppliers don't support English services. Hence, this could make communication quite a hassle unless you hire a translator. Nevertheless, it is an excellent Alibaba type site for doing online business.



GoTen is a professional platform that provides dropshipping services that are more convenient for online retailers from just about anywhere in the world. Backed by ZongTeng Group, GoTen's parent company, which is the first Chinese enterprise with over 1 million square meters overseas warehouses, is one of the top Alibaba Group competitors in cross-border dropshipping.

With GoTen's advantageous supply chain resources, you will eliminate all that hassle that comes with restocking and delivery. When a global seller places an order on GoTen, products are sent to them quickly and efficiently from the local warehouses overseas, without any charges.


What sets the GoTen Dropshipping Platform apart from other Alibaba competitors is that the online B2B platform offers significant big data research; hence, online sellers get free recommendations for the best products. The best of all is that the product recommendations you get to pass the quality test on both eBay and Amazon. Therefore, it is among the best wholesale sites like Alibaba.


On top of that, you get product service customization that helps sellers get unique product differentiation from other competitors. Hence, as an online seller, you will easily stay ahead of your competitors with exceptional products.


Also, with the local warehouses in the US, UK, Germany, France (more warehouses are coming soon), GoTen facilitates the secure and timely shipment of the products. Therefore, if you have been struggling with launching and building your online business, then, got your back on that as one of the top Alibaba competitors in USA.


3. Made-in-China

If you are looking for other competitors to Alibaba, Made-in-China is quite a good one. It's a B2B platform where suppliers can register as members and sell products that are Made in China. Buyers could, too, create their accounts. You can communicate with a supplier in China through online live chat or sending direct inquiries.  


Made in China has close to 10 million page views every month. And out of this massive browsing, there are many export opportunities. It's not as popular as Alibaba or other websites mentioned in this list, but you can get great deals therein as well. The site accepts only Chinese suppliers, but buyers are from some of the most developed countries in the USA and Europe.


4. Chinabrands

Chinabrands provides good shipping and wholesale services across the globe. It offers incredible opportunities for small-sized manufactures to sell on online marketplaces. It's just like other wholesale sites like Alibaba.


But the best thing about it is that the site operates in a wide range of languages including French, English, German, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Suppliers on Chinabrands are also more reliable, and payments tend to be more secure.


5. Global Sources

If you are looking for Alibaba competitors that will offer incredible business publications, sales advisory reports, and offline exhibitions, Global Sources got you. It is a multi-channel B2B international website that promotes import and export trade.


They have close to 45 years of experience in international trade models. Most people will swear that you have a better chance of getting great suppliers on Global Sources as compared to Alibaba. Many big-box stores are using Global sources to source their supplies. However, to get a supplier, you will have to put a little extra work and proof yourself to your supplier.


In Conclusion

As we have seen in this article, there are a lot more Alibaba similar websites in China that you can use for online business. The good thing is that all these alternative websites still offer an incredible quality of products and provide a friendly working environment. However, before you settle for any site, do your research well to avoid being scammed. 

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