Where to Sell Toys Online for Dropshippers

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Jun 01,2020 12 min read

Buying and selling have been in existence for ages. A few decades ago, toys and other commodities could only be sold in a physical address “brick and mortar” location. This kind of transaction majorly suited the large business enterprises as they had enough budgets to expand their businesses overseas. But the small business owners were handicapped when it came to market expansion and achieving global reach. They were at the mercy of local buyers but nothing much could have been done - until now. Time has changed and so has things changed too.


The advent of the internet has changed a lot of things for buyers and sellers alike. The landscape has now shifted from benefiting only the large business enterprises to benefiting ALL. The internet has provided a huge opportunity for sellers to market their products without geographical restrictions. Now, small e-commerce businesses can sell toys and other products online without restrictions on selling overseas. The dropshipping business model has even made things easier for manufacturers and retailers. A retailer can sell any item online [via dropshipping] and have it delivered to any part of the world with zero inventories.


If you’re a dropshipper and you’ve decided on the niche you want to invest in, in this case, you want to start selling toys online. Where do you sell these items? This article is to introduce eight best sites to sell toys online.


Amazon is the largest and most trusted website on the planet. It boasts over 20 million shoppers every month. The large traffic gives dropshippers the relief that their toys will be sold almost immediately. You can buy anything on Amazon and can also sell anything, including toys. However, Amazon requires an application fee as a monthly fee for dropshippers to sell toys online on their platform. Dropshippers who want to sell toys online can either sign up with an individual seller account or a professional selling account.


With over 20 million monthly shoppers, selling toys online Amazon can be productive

Amazon has excellent customer support service

Their policies for consumer protection benefits dropshippers


Start-up fee + monthly fee may discourage new dropshippers


eBay is one of the oldest online shopping sites where you can buy and sell anything. I mean ANYTHING. It is a large network to find anything that cannot be found elsewhere. If you want to sell toys online via eBay, you first need to get familiar with the selling fees. They charge for listing an item, certain percentage for an item sold as well as the shipping fee. This might be overwhelming for beginners but with the wealth of active buyers on eBay, you can still make the most from this site.


Massive buyer-base of over 180million

Availability of ANY product


Too many charges attached

Customers trust Amazon more


  • Walmart

Walmart is another popular site for buying groceries, health and fitness products, furniture, musical instruments, and lots more. You can create a store here and start selling toys online.


Secure platform

Has its credit card that comes with enormous benefits

Excellent customer support


Still not as popular as Amazon


  • Craigslist

Craigslist is another old platform that was initially intended to provide business information. Now it has grown into a popular marketplace. You can sell virtually anything, including toys on Craigslist. It requires no startup fee and it is easy to use.


Best of you want to sell toys locally

Very popular platform

No initial charges or hidden fee


Too many scams these days. Nobody but you is responsible for your losses

Inventory and delivery is done by you


  • Etsy

Etsy is a unique type of platform where DIY product thrives. Dropshippers can sell handmade goods, art, toys, collectibles, and antiques. Etsy is one of the best places to sell toys online.


Minimal charges – less than a dollar for listing an item

Easy to use platform for beginners and professional dropshippers


5% transactions fees, 3% + 0.25$ processing fee


  • IKEA

This is one of the best sites to sell toys online. IKEA is a Swedish-origin Dutch headquarters online shopping website. They sell electronics, ready-to-assemble furniture, food items, home appliances, toys, and lots of other attractive products. Although IKEA is widely known for DIY items and electronics, they still have audiences for specific toys.


Products from IKEA comes with a guarantee

Mainly for furniture dropshippers


Few product categories


  • Create your own website with WordPress

With WordPress, you can create a dropshipping website to sell toys online. WordPress is a free CMS that allows sellers to create their own website for free. You don’t need knowledge of coding, you just need to drag and drop items to customize your store.


No charges for listing your products

Easy to set up

You have total control over the items that you list

Lots of plugins and themes to create your toy store


Requires time and effort to create an audience-base

You may need to import products from dropshipping websites

Not as secure as Shopify


Shopify is the most trusted and secure platform for creating an e-commerce website. They charge $29 per month that covers for pro tools including a website, SSL certificates, abandoned cart recovery, blog, SSL certificates, social media sales channels, etc. It comes with an easy-to-use customization tool that a novice can use to create a beautiful toy store.


Excellent customer service

Very secure for e-commerce websites

Easy to use

Tons of plugins to customize your toy store

No initial setup fee or hidden charges for the basic package


Monthly store fee of 29$


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If you want to sell toys online using other platforms, then, Amazon is great for dropshippers who are looking to sell large quantities of toys to a larger audience. If you want to create your own website to sell toys online, then Shopify is the best place to sell toys online.

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