8 Best Oberlo Alternatives for Dropshipping 2020

Cheryl • Selecting Suppliers

Jun 22,2020 17 min read

In recent years, the popularity of dropshipping has increased. Thanks to the availability of tools, zero inventory, and low risk involved, many people are keen to venture into the dropshipping business. Like any other business, dropshipping might have its challenges but when done the right way, it becomes very easy and highly profitable.


Talking about tools, you'll find many tools that will help to simplify the dropshipping process – one of which is Oberlo. Oberlo is one of the best-known solutions for dropshippers. Yet, many people seek an alternative to Oberlo. This article is to mainly introduce 8 best Oberlo alternatives for dropshipping in 2020 by starting with the analysis of Oberlo.


Oberlo Overview

Oberlo is the world's leading Shopify App that allows dropshippers to take orders from customers, search for products, and add them to their Shopify store. Oberlo is undoubtedly the number one choice for dropshippers as it makes sales and shipments tracking easy. With Oberlo, you can automate a lot of tedious tasks like order fulfillment, inventory, and price updates. A lot of business owners all over the world are satisfied with the features and services that Oberlo provides.


Oberlo Key Features:

· Pricing automation

· Multiple user accounts 

· Create product lists

· Product customization options

· Product filtering

· Product supplier management

· Connect existing products

· Shipment tracking

· Sales tracking


Oberlo Pros:

· Oberlo's beginners' plan is as free as a breeze; you pay only when your business is on scale

· Automation for price and inventory

· Low risk

· Allows you to import products from AliExpress fast and secure

· Easy access to Shopify store

· Oberlo boasts modern dashboard with an amazing user interface

· Stock item volunteerism


Oberlo Cons:

· No alternative to work on separated sites

· No product is edited by Oberlo

· Has only the support of AliExpress 

· Can only import products into Shopify


Why Choose Alternatives to Oberlo?

While Oberlo is among the simplest ways to start a dropshipping business, more should be done. As near-perfect as Oberlo is, it still lacks certain features. This is mainly why people go to the internet in search of Oberlo alternatives. Perhaps you need an alternative to Oberlo or you don't want to use Shopify anymore, below are 8 recommended alternatives to Oberlo in 2020.


1. Spocket

Spocket is basically for people in the US and European countries. Dropshiping from both countries saves time on delivery. Spocket gives details of the products you choose to order [the description, images, and pricing of the product]. Also, it lets you make huge selections of the products that you want. With Spocket, your company brand is added to all receipts and invoices. Spocket is rated an excellent alternative to Oberlo because of its inspiring features. Well, that is not far from the truth. 


Key features:

- Random selection of products

- Saves time

- Product details review


2. SaleHoo

Here, dropshippers tend to meet with trustworthy suppliers who as well put them through on how to manage the orders coming from Customers. With SaleHoo, you can choose products from thousands of different dropshippers and wholesalers, depending on your individual needs. The software is quite affordable for beginners and you can directly sync the orders and inventory with the supplier.


Key features:

- Learn anew about the business

- Excellent customer service

- Reliable suppliers

- Saves energy


3. Modalyst

This is majorly used by dropshippers in the clothing line [fashion]. It dropships products from premium brands like Calvin Klein and Timberland with very fast shipping. You'll find tons of suppliers from the US and the UK. Modalyst helps you make a huge selection of products and as well as track orders for all products on delivery.


Key features:

- Fast delivery

- Random selection of products

- Access to premium brands

- Tracks all products on delivery

- Availability of thousands of products in fashion [men's and women's wear, accessories, children clothing, etc.]


4. Importify

Importify is more user-friendly than Oberlo as it allows those with no knowledge of programming to operate. Here, you are linked to different websites where you can import different products. It provides you with choices of suppliers to order from. Importify can easily be integrated with WooCommerce dropshipping. What's more, this app gives a lot of customization options in the process of picking from the best selling products.


Key features:

- Opportunity to work on a different website

- Free choice of supplier

- Import winning products effortlessly

- Customization options for the products

- Automation


5. Woodropship

For e-commerce business owners, this is the best solution. It is a WordPress plugin that can be integrated into WooCommerce easily. It helps you deliver AliExpress products to your customers or store them more easily and faster. You can also use a Chrome extension to import products straight to your store with one click.

Key features: 

- Easy delivery

- Saves time

- Easily add and edit products from AliExpress


6. Productpro

This dropshiping app solely deals with US-based companies – this means you are guaranteed to work with only trusted suppliers. They offer you quality products from different categories [jewelry, electronics, appliances, etc.]. Productpro gives room for dropshippers to inquire or resolve any issue with suppliers.


Key features:

- Quality product selection from US-based companies

- Customer service is active

- Easy to use

- Trustworthy suppliers

- Availability of thousands of products to select from


7. Dropified

Dropified is another wonderful Oberlo alternative that integrates flawlessly with WooCommerce. Two of the best parts of Dropified is that it allows you to upload as many products in bulk as you wish and get notified each time a new product becomes available. Many business owner use Dropified as an Oberlo alternative because it supports a host of dropshipping sources including AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, eBay, Alibaba, ShineOn, Walmart, DHgate, Etsy, etc.


Key features: 

- Add products easily

- Multi-platform integration

- 1-click upsells available

- Order fulfillment monitoring

- Option to manage multiple stores


8. Spreadr

This is a simple import tool that can help you link your store directly to Amazon. Spreadr allows you to upload your product on Amazon as an affiliate. This way, you get a commission on every sale. When used as an Oberlo alternative, you receive money on all products your visitors click on. If you want to broaden your target audience and earn money through associated income, then switch to Spreadr. 


Key features:

- Endless customization

- Shop with Amazon

- Commission revenue increment

- Profit is made through associated income



The beauty of dropshipping is there are thousands of tools available to improve sales. For beginners, Oberlo isn't a bad choice. However, you must also consider the aforementioned Oberlo alternatives to choose the one that will best fit your business.

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