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ZongTeng Group Provides Full-Fledged Supply Chain Service Amid Coronavirus Spread - Stay Strong Together!

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Apr 29,2020 12 min read

The coronavirus pandemic is catastrophic, influencing the cross-border e-commerce industry in various aspects, the logistics, production, employees. The economy is in a downturn. 


As the coronavirus spreads, the entire ZongTeng Group copes with tough situations with the staff dedicated to their work and customers. Multiple measures have been taken by ZongTeng Group to ensure the stable operation of the customers' online stores:


GoTen Dropshipping Platform offers thousands of products with sufficient stock for online sellers;

YunExpress has arranged chartered planes which serve as the artery for smoothness of the logistics channel;

GoodCang attempts to guarantee the normal operation of overseas warehouses with more manpower;

KUA BEI Financial Service System backs online sellers by ensuring the smooth capital flow.



At present, the coronavirus situation outside of China worsens, and the great lockdown brings economic downturns in most countries. To restore the normal operation of cross-border e-commerce, it's essential to overcome many difficulties ahead. 


Nevertheless, ZongTeng Group's staff shows incredible courage, fighting against the COVID-19. Despite all kinds of difficulties, they are committed to the work, day and night, and keep shipping a considerable number of COVID-19 prevention products. Out of the responsibility of an international enterprise, the entire ZongTeng Group struggles to achieve great moves. 





"Our overseas colleagues are tenacious, dedicated to their job, while running the risk of coronavirus infection, laboring beyond their limits. The number of parcels we ship exceeds that in the peak season last year."  

— Kabicy Wang, CEO, ZongTeng Group



Fighting Against COVID-19 & Safeguarding Cross-Border E-Commerce

The COVID-19 means an unprecedented disaster on cross-border e-commerce, and the international supply chain system nearly collapses. Day by day, the situation in the United States and Europe worsens. The shutdown of some logistics channels has put all industries in the cross-border e-commerce field under great pressure. 


To ameliorate the situation, ZongTeng Group has sourced sufficient products, chartered planes, utilized the alternate delivery service, sparing no effort for the good operation of overseas warehouses to guarantee timely fulfillment. 


"As a pioneer in the industry, it's out of great responsibility that ZongTeng tries its best to promote the stable development of the industry, as for now, the stable logistics," says ZongTeng Group's CEO, Kabicy Wang. 



Sufficient Stock Prepared in Advance in Overseas Warehouses

Earlier before the coronavirus outbreak in the world, the heads of ZongTeng Group have studied the trends of the pandemic, arranged thousands of best-sellers in overseas warehouses. In this way, our registered users can take advantage of it to run their online stores without any difficulty as they did in the past.


"We have offered several promotions in succession, which not only satisfies the stay-at-home people but also prevents them from the COVID-19 infection. Online sellers are reassured that they can make great profits regardless of the spread of coronavirus."

— Rock Lee, GoTen General Manager 


 Pic 2. In One of ZongTeng Group's Overseas Warehouses

Guaranteeing Normal Operation of Overseas Warehouses

The spread of COVID-19 pandemic affects overseas warehouses - most staff aren't able to return to their posts. Despite the dilemma, to ensure the normal operation, GoodCang has attempted to recruit new workers in many ways, dealing with the increasing number of orders while preventing the coronavirus disease anywhere in all warehouses.


"Although afraid of the coronavirus, everyone holds fast to their job. It's because they are clear that it's their mission to ship out all orders whatever difficulties they have. 

They do a great job out of the responsibility, instead of the salary, because like anyone else, they are also in the risk of COVID-19 infection in the warehouses."

— Jack Peng, Senior Vice President, ZongTeng Group



Chartered Planes for Three Months to Come

Because of the extremely tight transport capacity, the cost of transportation soars day after day. However, YunExpress has paid higher airfare for chartered planes from March to May. "To provide services non-stop, we didn't hesitate to pay more. When it comes to the last-mile delivery, we cooperate with multiple delivery companies to make sure the fulfillment." 


"Currently, a logistics company is the mainstay of society. For those in need, YunExpress will fight until the end of the pandemic. I appreciate our co-workers' dedication."

— Nick Wu, Senior Vice President, ZongTeng Group



Assisting People in Need to Overcome Challenges Together

As for now, countries around the world share the same fate. Helping each other to overcome the current challenges is the only way out.


Over 1.5 million coronavirus prevention items have been delivered by GoodCang, YunExpress, WorldTech before the worldwide outbreak. After the COVID-19 situation in China got worse, as a multinational enterprise, ZongTeng Group donated tens of thousands of face masks to those in need, playing an important role out of responsibility.  


Pic 3. Donation of Face Masks


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