Is Dropshipping Dead in 2020?

Cheryl • Start Dropshipping

Apr 08,2020 16 min read

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models that you can try on today. However, some people are afraid when they are exposed to any new opportunities, such as this business model. They are wondering is dropshipping dead 2020. It is a critical question that is usually asked by people who want to enter the digital world for the first time. To answer this question, you have to take a look at the latest trends and all data that can answer this question.


Dropshipping Alive and Worth It in 2020 and Beyond


You don't need to worry about starting your dropshipping business. This business model is still profitable in 2020 and beyond. The number of e-commerce activities around the world is increasing from time to time. This business model is not only profitable but thriving. The profit of any dropshipping sites and e-commerce stores increases at least 5 percent every year for the last 10 years.


The growth of the dropshipping business is always related to the smartphone era. All customers can buy any of their favorite products from their devices. There is no physical interaction, email, and telephone anymore. You only need to contact your suppliers when you have any orders from your clients. Then, the suppliers will send the items to the customers directly.


There are three main popular sources of dropshipping, for example, AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. You can buy any items from one website and sell them to your customers via other websites. You can start your dropshipping business by using any platforms, such as Shopify. This platform can act as your e-commerce solution. You can make your favorite store and display your products easily. Because of this technology, many people can create their stores immediately.


The Dropshipping method will never end in the next few years. According to eMarketer, the trend of e-commerce sales worldwide is still increasing. The net sales from all e-commerce sites are predicted to be around $4.9 trillion at the end of 2021. Many people are going to join this type of business model today.


When you use Google Trends for analyzing certain keywords, such as dropshipping, AliExpress, Shopify, you can find an increasing search amount of these keywords. Many people are still interested in creating the best stores for selling other people's products on their websites. When you ask if dropshipping dead, the answer is no.


There are still a lot of opportunities that are offered by this type of business model. You only need to select the best items that you can sell on your website. By choosing the right items, you will be able to improve the opportunities for earning significant income from this dropshipping model. You only need to promote any products to a lot of potential clients, so you can get huge sales on any of your favorite products.


Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing


It is also important for you to learn more about some differences between dropshipping and affiliate marketing. By looking at these differences, you can decide which one is the best business model for you. Don't forget to look at some pros and cons of both dropshipping and affiliate marketing programs. 


Dropshipping allows you to have a huge margin on any items that you are going to sell to other people. You can even buy a product that is about $1 and sell this item for $19.99 or more. You can keep a significant profit after you subtract it with some marketing costs. When you do the dropshipping model, you are going to sell any products on your website. Therefore, you can grow the popularity of your website easily. The more your website is popular among many people, the more profit you can raise from your customers.


Affiliate program usually has a specific price for all affiliates. You cannot decide the right price for the products. In most cases, affiliate programs usually have up to 70% commission rates for any products or services. You only make a percentage of any sales. The payout for the affiliate commission is usually a lot slower than the dropshipping model. When you join any affiliate programs, you are going to send traffic to the advertiser's websites. When people buy any products or services via your link, you will get a commission from the company immediately.


Dropshipping on Amazon and eBay


When you are planning to dropship on Amazon and eBay, you need to read all terms and conditions from both websites. There are a few restrictions that you need to know before you can do some dropshipping activities on both websites. For example, eBay doesn't allow any products from China and all users should reside in the USA. Amazon requires that the products should never take more than a week to deliver. As long as you can abide by those policies, you start dropshipping on eBay and Amazon. Many people are doing dropshipping business on both websites.


To achieve your success in selling any products on Amazon and eBay, you need to create a professional-looking store for attracting customers. When your customers are happy with the experience when buying any products from your store, they will buy more products from you. As a result, you can increase your profit and sales significantly.


Dropshipping on Amazon and eBay can bring a lot of benefits for you because both websites are very popular among many people. You can find many customers who love buying any products from these sites. You should never believe that dropshipping is dead in the next few months. The amount searches on Amazon and eBay keeps increasing from year to year. This fact shows the overall opportunities that are available on the dropshipping business model.


Dropshipping is dead 2020? The answer is a big no. You can still find a lot of opportunities that are available around this dropshipping model. It is the best time for you to start your website, so you should start selling any products to your customers as soon as possible.

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