How to Find Trending Dropshipping Products

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Apr 10,2020 25 min read

First off, what is dropshipping? It is a simple method used in supply chain management. In dropshipping, the retailer will get in touch with a customer then transfer the information to a manufacturer, a retailer, or the original product owner to have the product or commodity transferred directly to the customer without ever coming into contact with it. The dropshipper will act as a middle man between the customer and the manufacturer, company, or owner.


The customer places an order with a dropshipping retailer, the drop shipping retailer will forward the customer's details to their supplier, and the supplier packs and ships the request to the customer using the drop ship retailer's name.


In the eCommerce digital world, dropshipping has become popular because, for most, it eliminates the need for a warehouse or store. Plus, all you need to get started with dropshipping is a good computer and a good Internet connection.


The only problem with drop shipping is that not every item listed on the Internet will sell and make you profits for your efforts. You have to find trending dropshipping products to sell and get rewarded for it, and that can be like finding a needle in a haystack.


So this article shows you the best trending dropshipping products and the way to find them.



10 Best Trending Dropshipping Products


1. Small and under $10- The most marketable items are small items that cost under $10. When it comes to dropshipping, cheaper might be better because people don't perceive them as a big buy. Therefore, lots of people buy them. They also tend to be cute and easy to ship. The most trending products are toys, jewelry, and key chains.

2. Fitness products- Fitness and health have taken the world by storm that it has almost become a trend. With the introduction of small home gyms, more and more people want to buy home gym equipment to stay healthy. The most trending products are fitness trackers, resistance bands, and yoga mats.

3. Tech products and gadgets- Technology products make people feel modern and innovative. That is why tech products are some of the most trending out there, which makes them perfect for dropship retailers. The most trending in this category products is Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and Bluetooth headphones.

4. Hobbyist products- Everyone has a hobby or preferably something they like doing in their leisure time. This is where hobbyist products come in. The reason they sell a lot is that people value their hobbies, and they also tend to try different hobbies too. The most trending products are bikes, ukuleles, and kid's tents.

5. Health boosting products- With so many authorities opting and advertising a healthy lifestyle, many people are opting for the same option. It is why health products are a trend. The most trending products are smoothie blenders, organic tea, and rice cookers.

6. Kitchen appliances- Food is one of the best of the best comforts life has to offer. Unfortunately, with people getting busier and busier, people are opting for kitchen appliances that make things easier. The most trending products are rice cookers and blenders.

7. Grooming and makeup- Since everyone wants to look good, grooming products for men and makeup for women are some of the most trending products out there. The most trending products are anti-aging products, makeup collections, and beard oils.

8. Relaxation products- They encompass a wide range of products from products that make you feel relaxed to those that make you feel good. The most trending products are massage chairs, scented candles, and vaporizers.

9.  Children's products- People love their children, and they want the best things for them. That is why children's products, especially ones for toddlers, are trending. The most trending products are stuffed toys, baby carriers, and kid's tents.

10. Pet products- Many people are getting pets, with most getting either a cat or a dog. Since pets feel like part of the family, people want to buy them things. Plus, many animal lovers find pet products cute and inexpensive. The most trending products are carriers, pet beds, and chew toys.


How to Find Trending Dropshipping Products?


1. Shopping Sites

Shopping sites are some of the best places to find dropshipping products and not just the trending ones. All you have to so in most sites is do a bit of research and find a product that has over a thousand orders. There is a possibility that the product is trending.

These are some of the best shopping sites to look for products;

  • Wish- The key to finding products on wish lies in the search box. Search 'trending' or 'hot' or 'popular,' and you will get the most trending products they have listed. Remember to scroll down to the comments session to read the reviews. You will know how the product was received, and if it is worth it.
  • Amazon best sellers- Amazon is the biggest online store, which makes it a gold mine of data when it comes to finding trending products. You can check-out several subcategories like the best sellers and the new releases. Avoid things like software and digital content. Keep to products that can be shipped.
  • Lazada top sellers- With Lazada, you need to sign up to an affiliates account, on offer click on data feed manager, click the country of relevance, and select the category you want to look at. You will find top-selling products.
  • eBay- In eBay, search for the product you are looking for, select the box that says sold listings, and look for the most sold items as far back as you can. Don't forget to check how much they sold for since it is a bidding site.
  • AliExpress popular-AliExpress is simple in that you have to go to their bestselling page and find the category you are looking for. You can also search and then look at the number of orders per product.

2. GoTen Platform Top Sellers to avoid troubles of checking these sites one by one

By taking advantage of Platform Top Sellers on, you can conveniently find all top-selling products on Amazon, eBay, Wish in a variety of product categories. The "Monthly Best Sellers" is the collection of the best-selling items on all e-commerce platforms in terms of monthly sales. Promotional events accessible on GoTen's homepage also offer top trending products at unbeatable prices that you shouldn't miss. 
GoTen greatly simplifies the product research for you, making dropshipping easier.

GoTen Platform Top Sellers

3. Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to eCommerce, so it is not a surprise that you can find trending items on social media sites.

Here are a few;

  • Facebook- When you discover a product, you might want to see if it is as popular as you think. That is where Facebook comes in as it shows you if the product is popular with people on the Internet. Type in the name of your product on the search bar and try to see both how many views the product got, and how many people posted it. You also need to look at the page of the product company and see how popular the company is.
  • YouTube- All you have to do is search the product name you want to dropship, and pay attention to the videos. Look at how many videos of the product come up, how many views it has. Don't forget to check what people are saying about it in the comments.


4. Search Results

Google offers a few sub-options for everyone and among these are:

  • Google Trends- There is nothing popular in terms of trending like google trends. If you look through their featured insights category, you should find a large compilation of things that are trending right now. You can look through a category to find a product you want to dropship, or you can search the keyword if you have a product in mind.
  • Trend hunter- Trend hunter is a site that is becoming very popular fast. It deals with different niches, so you will have to click on the subcategory of the product you want to find. If you use it in conjunction with a shopping site, you should find more accurate results.


5. Tools

Sites and social media sites are not the only way to find what is trending when it comes to dropshipping. Some of the best tools you can utilize out there are;

  • Niche Scraper- Put simply, it is a tool used in dropshipping that will find you all of the popular products from Shopify stores worldwide. It does all the work for you for a price of around $39 monthly.
  • Instant product evaluator tool- when you list your product on this tool, it gives you a series of questions to answer, which help it determine whether your product will do well in the market. It will even search for potential market and send you the results via email.


6. Trusted Suppliers

While you can research a product and determine how it will do in the market, it can be hard to determine whether the supplier is genuine or not. Scams are commonplace in online markets, and they can happen to anyone. However, you can skip the doubt and be sure of the verified suppliers' program offered on Oberlo and buyer protection by AliExpress. Certainly, is also an excellent dropshipping wholesale platform.



Dropshipping can be a lucrative business if you know where to look and how to find products that are in demand. A good dropshipper will know where to go to find a list of trending products, but a wise dropshipper will use more than one site to ensure the market, safety, and statistics of a product.

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