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The Ultimate Guide For Wholesale Toys

Sierra • Trending Products

Aug 20,2020 15 min read
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Kids are everywhere, and they would never live their life without toys. People keep looking for different business opportunities, but nowadays, one of the awesome and evergreen niches is buying the wholesale toys for kids and then selling them. If we simply search on the best-selling products, even on Amazon or eBay, we may realize that the toys are at the top of the list. There are suppliers and distributors for wholesale toys that can be found quite easily, though some offer you different benefits and offer better rates for products and more variety.


Why Should People Choose Toys To Sell Online?

In the past, parents used to buy toys for their children from toy shops, but global trends are changing, and more people prefer to shop online. As toys are the products that are always in demand; therefore, dropshipping toys in an online market for the sellers are a great option.

As a seller, if you can successfully tap this new trend, then there is potential for you to make a lot of money. There is a massive range of wholesale toys in the market, from baby to wooden and eco-friendly toys, to blocks, play-tents, plush toys wholesale, and much more. You can always be able to expand your product line once your business gets more established.


Choosing toys to sell online is one of the best ideas for sellers as toys are normally small, lightweight, durable, and easy to shop. You should keep in mind that one of the keys to the success of an online business is choosing the products that are easy, affordable, and safe to ship internationally.


How To Find Best Selling Toys?

Toys are among the top exports for many toy manufacturing countries. China & the USA are among the top sellers of wholesale toys. You can follow different methods to find wholesale suppliers and distributors for your online selling business from China or US toys wholesale.


· Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are held in different countries of the world that include China and the USA. In the trade fair, you will be able to find some trendy toys, gadgets, and other business ideas that might be useful for your selling business.


· Online Directories

You can also find the best selling toys from online directories from the list of thousands of suppliers and distributors in different categories from all over the world. Different directories include Toy listing, Salehoo, Esources, etc. This is the best way for you if you are new and have just entered selling online toy business, as you may feel get confused and feel hectic if you don't have any experience.


· Ecommerce Platforms

Buying directly through B2B eCommerce platforms is another way to wholesale toys bulk. The platforms like, MadeinChina, and others can help you to find the latest collection of toys that you can confidently buy from these suppliers.


Wholesale Suppliers Of Best Selling Toys

If you find it difficult to search for the best toys wholesale suppliers and distributors to sell your products, then some websites can help you to find the trusted suppliers who are able to meet your business requirements depending on your choice. 


1. Goten.Com is one of the best websites to help you find the top suppliers around the globe with potential wholesale buyers. You will find several suppliers and wholesale toys China. Dropshipping with allows you to potentially build a successful eCommerce business


In order to buy toys in bulk, you can use any supplier out of the thousands that can meet your requirements. will make sure that the order is dispatched from the nearest local warehouse in order to quickly deliver the products to your customers.

about Goten is a leading dropshipping wholesale supplier under ZongTeng Group, benefiting from advantageous supply chain resources and partnerships with other subsidiary companies in the same group, including GoodCang, YunExpress, WorldTech, KUA BEI. GoTen has made dropshipping easier for every online seller by providing: 

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 guide for wholesale toys-kids toys

guide for wholesale toys-kids toy car
You can search for more kids toys here

2. Harrisons Direct

Harrisons is a gift and toy wholesale distributor from the United Kingdom with an experience of more than 95 years dealing with toys, games, confectionery, stationery, and gifts. The different range of toys include products like collectibles, stuffed dolls, model cars, soft toys, games, puzzles, and much more.


Harrisons Direct has everything from the licensed toys to the branded toys, and it is very easy to import and source though them, and you can choose the toys from the variety of their collection and also the supplying agent. 


3. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is also a wholesale toy platform that offers dropship service to more than 200 countries in the world from its warehouse network and a very strong supply chain. Chinabrands offers a complete catalog of wholesale kids' toys and dropships.


You will be able to find many new and tech-driven toys like RC Robot toy, car parking lot, drones, educational toys, fidget toys and wholesale dog toys, etc. Chinabrands also offers API integration so that you can be able to upload their products to over 20 stores online.


Tips For Wholesale Toys Online

Kids are the ones who love toys, so this is the target market that online toy sellers should focus on because of the buying capacity. When you are selling toys online, you can do it effectively so that you can get the most out of it. The following will be helpful for you to sell toys online.

· Know The Audience

It is best not to limit marketing toys to the children, as parents are the ones who buy toys for their kids. Therefore, a good way on how to sell toys is to consider both the children and their parents. These toys must be appealing to the kids, and we know that the parents always look for toys that are not only fun to play but will also help their children with their learning process.


· Do The Research

As a seller, it is quite important for you to do your research well so that you are able to find a good toy wholesaler with whom you can build a great working relationship. This is a very successful way to profit well from the online toy-selling business.


· Use The Right Software

If you have the right wholesaler and the right products to sell, then you should be ready to have a successful toy-selling business. To effectively sell your toys online, you must have the right software that can make the process of buying very easy for the customers. You can make the most out of social media by offering group deals so that you can be able to increase your conversions. 



Life of kids and toddlers is always too dull without toys and games; therefore, people would keep spending from their budget to buy toys for the happiness of their children. This keeps the business of selling wholesale toys always in demand. If you are to sell the toys, it will be a good idea to use trusted dropshipping websites and wholesale toy suppliers or toy wholesale distributors for a business chance. The right category of toys and the right supplier can be a big business opportunity for you.


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