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Gaming Niche Dropshipping: How to Succeed in Selling Like Crazy?

Cheryl • Selecting Products

Jun 12,2020 34 min read

Gaming niche dropshipping has boomed during the coronavirus outbreak and its popularity remains at the highest level instead of fading away. The gaming industry is massive. It is larger than the movie industry. This is saying something! Of course, this means that there is money to be made. On this page, we want to tell you various aspects of how to succeed in dropshipping gaming products.




10 Top-Selling Dropshipping Gaming Products

If you are interested in the gaming niche dropshipping, then this is the section for you. We are going to introduce to you the most popular dropshipping gaming gear as well as everything you need to target customers' needs and dropship them. This list is ranked from high searched products to lowest searched... but even if you opt for one of the lower ones on this list, it is still going to earn you a ton of cash if you dropship gaming gear.


1. Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are vital for those longer gaming sessions. They help to keep people feeling nice and comfortable when gaming. They provide the best amount of back support. 

Here below are the best-selling gaming chairs available on If you check Amazon's best sellers rank, you will be surprised at GoTen's offers at such low prices. Among the top-selling gaming chairs on Amazon, you can find that GTRACING are extremely popular, yet quite expensive, at about $159.99 - $169.99. 


In comparision, similar products offered by are under $120, and more importantly, they come with free shipping! It means that you can earn about over $40 by selling one gaming chair if you choose to dropship gaming chairs from GoTen Dropshipping Platform. How profitable gaming chair dropshipping can be!

Product Photo 186_gaming_niche_dropshipping_gaming_chair_red 759-best-selling-stools-and-chairs-2-gaming-chair-product-3 186_gaming_niche_dropshipping_gaming_chair_white
Price USD 117.88 USD 46.99 USD 117.88

Among the top 10 best-selling PC gaming products on Amazon are Acer, Razer, iBUYPOWER, CYBERPOWERPC gaming laptop/PC, sold at $860 - about $1200. However, in the list are Logitech Webcam, Sceptre, Samsung, BenQ, ViewSonic gaming monitors, and ARM processor. 

If you scroll down the list, you'll find gaming PCs from giants, including ASUS, MSI, Dell, LG, ROG, etc. However, less-known brands can be found, such as Omen and SkyTech.

Nevertheless, if you are new to dropshipping, it's recommended that you stay away from the high-ticket gaming PCs which demand cutting-edge technology and involve with high risks. It's nearly impossible to compete with these brands, but work for them - if you'd better obtain brand authorization before the distribution so that you can earn from the price gap by dropshipping these branded products.



2. Gaming PC

PC gaming has taken off in recent years. Therefore, you may want to look for gaming dropshipping suppliers that offer gaming PCs. These will sell like crazy.

The first thing comes to a gamer's mind should be the price. The prices of a premium gaming PC can run over $10,000, with unrivaled hardware, custom liquid cooling, a sleek design. However, most would choose a moderate one, at around $800 - $1,500.

Next, they think highly of the hardware. If you decide to dropship gaming PCs, you should be clear about the CPU and GPU performance, check the CPU/GPU Benchmark Hierarchy 2020 regularly and follow the tech news to be clear about the latest motherboards, graphics cards, etc., as well as technology to convince customers with your best offers.

Additionally, you should be clear about some of the well-known brands of gaming PCs include iBUYPOWER, MSI, Acer, CYBERPOWERPC, and SkyTech. 

At last, to dropship gaming PCs, you should learn the options below by heart. 
1) Low budget: SkyTech Archangel II at $639.99
2) Mid-range: iBUYPOWER Trace2 at $1299.99
3) High-end: Acer Predator PO9-900 at $5999.99

3. Gaming Laptop

This is much the same as a gaming PC, but just portable. If you are looking to break into the dropshipping gaming niche, then you will need to look into laptops.

 You should follow the above suggestions for dropshipping gaming PCs to dropship gaming laptops. Similarly, bear in mind options as follows:

1) Acer Predator Helios at $949.99
2) AORUS 15-X9-RT4AD at $1599
3) Alienware Area 51M at $3369.99

Chances are that you might come across customers who are geek, have excellent hands-on ability; whereas, they don't compromise between price and performance. Therefore, by dropshipping PC/laptop components at relatively low prices, you can easily win their heart.

4. Gaming Desk

Choose office desks kitted out with all the gear your customers need for comfortable gaming. Gaming enthusiasts require large space, L-shaped or U-shaped gaming desks. It would be better that the desk can help with the organization of cords and gaming accessories. Bear in mind that quality computer desks sell like hotcakes. 

Here are the top 10 best-selling computer desks in the Amazon best sellers rank for your reference. Actually, most computer desks can be great gaming desks as long as they provide enough space and firmness.


5. Gaming Monitor

Of course, it is all well and good having a decent gaming computer, but your customers need some way to look at when playing, right? Well, a gaming monitor is the best route to go down here to succeed in dropshipping gaming gears.

To dropship gaming monitors, you should learn what customers look for in a good gaming monitor. Consider the following aspects:

1) Panel types
    TN panels excel in speed and low costs; in comparision, it is IPS panels that offer a better viewing experience. For competitive gaming, TN panels would be better choice due to less response time.
    · TN panels offer lower latency than IPS, but worse color reproduction and narrower viewing angles
    · IPS panels are more expensive, but they feature better color reproduction and provide wider viewing angles

2) Refresh rates
  The higher the refresh rate, the smoother an image. Most gaming monitors support either a 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, or 240Hz refresh rate. Although some people believe that investing in higher refresh rates is worthwhile, others don't see the difference. 

  · 60Hz is the baseline, which is the minimum requirement for a smooth gaming experience.
  · 70Hz means a marginal difference as it is slightly above the baseline.
  · 120Hz means a huge difference in playability and quality, but it is inferior to the most popular option of 144Hz.  
  · 144Hz displays are probably the best that money can buy today, popular among gaming enthusiasts, despite the fact that 144Hz displays don't differ too much from 120Hz ones. 
  · 240Hz refresh rate seems unfeasiable for hardware available on the market. The difference between 144Hz and 240Hz seems less prominent than the leap from 60Hz to 144Hz, perhaps because human eyes can't perceive the former.

3) Resolution and size
    1080P and 24 inches are the most common options suitable for most setups, followed by 1440P and 27 inches, and 4K displays with over 27 inches are rear and more demanding in hardware. Curved monitors are becoming more popular thanks to a wider FOV (field of view).

4) Prices
    The price of a budget gaming monitor ranges from $300 to $500; that of a mid-range one, $600 to $800; that of a high-end one can go over $1,000.

5) Other considerations
    Here are other main things that a gaming enthusiast could consider when choosing a gaming monitor:
    · HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    · Response time
    · Port variety
    · Sync technology

6. Gaming Keyboard

If you dropship gaming gear, then you need to look into gaming keyboards. These keyboards are designed to ensure that people can play at the absolute top of their game.

G.SKILL and Thermaltake dominate the top 10 list of best-selling gaming keyboards on Amazon. The prices of G.SKILL keyboards vary from $64.99 to $89.99; in contrast, some Thermaltake mechanical keyboards are on the budget side, priced at $29.99 to $39.99; whereas, the high-end ones are sold at 79.99. 

Other brands of gaming keyboards which appear in the Amazon best sellers rank include Razer, SteelSeries, Cooler Master, Solid Tek, Logitech, Sharkoon, Das, Azio, Mad Catz, CM Storm, etc.

Gamers are more or less demanding and tech-savvy. Therefore, to succeed in selling gaming keyboards, make sure that you know the following basics:

1) Types of Gaming Keyboards

Type Hit (mlns) The key stroke (Embedment depth) Price Game Play Comfort Level
















2) Keyboard Sizes
· Full size (100%) with 104 or 105 keys, containing a full QWERTY alphanumeric section, and a dedicated number pad.
· Tenkeyless keyboards (80%) are popular choices without the number pad to achieve a smaller footprint on the desktop.
· 60% keyboards are compact, the next step down whose popularity is increasing in recent years, with just the alphanumeric section, and modifiers.
· 40% keyboards are super small with only alpha keys and some modifiers. They are extremely portable.
· Numeric pad keyboards only have numbers, which are more budget choices for more space on the desktop.

3) Different Switches

Switch Type Actuation Bottom Out
MX Blue Clicky 50g 60g
MX Green Clicky 80g 90g
MX Brown Tactile 45g 60g
MX Clear Tactile 65g 95g
MX Black Linear 60g 80g
MX Red Linear 45g 60g

4) Customization and Macro Buttons
Some gaming keyboards include a set of buttons that can be programmed to avoid registering a pre-defined combination of keys instead of a single one during gaming.  

5) Key Rollover
Gaming keyboards should support a certain number of simultaneous presses, termed as "N-key rollover." A high n-key rollover is necessary, especially for games in which two players press the keyboard at the same time.

6) Connection
USB is the classic slot type, but delays in hits might occur if the USB bus is overloaded with other connections. What's more, the number of simultaneous presses is limited.
Although PS/2 is better, it is old-fashioned and rare now. The advantage is that PS/2 connection provides immediate responses and ensures no delays. 

7) Backlight Illumination
Gaming keyboards feature adjustable backlights with all colors of the rainbow are fascinating to look at. With different colors dividing the most commonly used zones, gamers can generate quicker response without thinking where to put the fingers. 

To say the least of it, a single color backlight can be helpful if the user is fond of gaming in the darkness.


7. Gaming Mouse

The same when it comes to gaming mouses. These are designed to be responsive and to ensure the player can get the most out of their games.


8. Gaming Headset

Most games take place online nowadays or at least have a multiplayer mode, and a gaming headset will allow people to keep in touch with their friends and fellow players.


9. Gaming Glasses

These have shot up in popularity as of late. Gaming glasses are designed for people who are gaming for long periods. They help to prevent eye strain.


10. Gaming Mouse Pad

A quality mouse pad will help to ensure that the gaming mouse is more responsive which, of course, makes it easier for people to thrive when they are gaming.



Find a Reliable Supplier for Dropshipping Gaming Products

Of course, your biggest challenge is finding the best reliable gaming dropshipping suppliers. Thankfully, the team at has you covered. This brilliant dropshipping website offers the best-selling gaming chairs and keyboards at low prices. They put in the hard work by doing in-depth product research based on big data so you do not have to.


They will even give you a few hints and tips on which products are selling well right now for those who are doing a bit of gaming niche dropshipping, so make sure that you pay attention to all of their recommendations. They will help you to make money. 

Moreover, with local US/UK warehouses that can process your orders within 24 hours, fast and free delivery, 24/7 professional customer support, your dropshipping business will be run smoothly, and hopefully, you will enjoy dropshipping and earning extra money effortlessly. Free membership for all and big discounts are offered. Why not sign up free now?

How to Succeed in Gaming Dropshipping

The problem with gaming dropshipping is that the market is incredibly crowded. The buyers are a whole lot more knowledgeable about the products they are purchasing than you would find in other niches too. This means that you do need to do a lot to stand out from the crowd. We hope the following tips will help if you are looking to dropship gaming gear.


1. Write quality product descriptions

You must include every bit of information possible on your product pages. The thing with gamers is that they need a lot of information before they make a purchase. This means that you need to give it to them. Do not stick to basic product descriptions. Aim for quality specification lists. Details of why that product is so great etc.


2. Stick to PPC adverts

At the start, the bulk of your orders are going to come due to PPC adverts. It is just too difficult to succeed with SEO at the start of your business. If you want to be successful and get the money rolling in as quickly as possible, then PPC will be the way to go down. However, we can't stress how important it is that you take the time to plan your campaign.


3. Build a community

If you know anything about the gaming industry, you will know that communities build up. Certain gamers, particularly the ones that spend the most, tend to spend with companies that have taken the time to build up a gaming community. Social media groups are a great way to go about this. Do not just spend tons and tons of time advertising your products. Oh no.


Gamers hate the 'forceable' sale. Instead, they want to discuss games. Do that. If you are unsure as to what we mean, then we suggest you hop on over to any major gaming retailer and see how they run their social media accounts. They tend to be 'fun-loving' and encourage discussion. Do the same.


4. Ensure regular sales

Gamers tend to be more likely to buy products 'on a whim.' If you run regular sales, then you will likely see a lot more sales roll in. You can advertise these sales to your community, but there are also 'gaming deal' websites you can head to advertise your sales, too.


Of course, make sure your products are genuinely a good deal. Gamers are ridiculously pricing sensitive. This is why it is recommended that you work with companies like GoTen as you can be 100% sure you will be getting the best deal on listed products.


5. Spice up the website

It may be worth spending a little bit of cash to make your website look a bit better. Do not go with default themes. Inject a bit of color into the site. Gamers love something that looks brilliant.


Look at any of the top gaming products on the market. Many of them leverage the idea of bright colors. Same with games. Just make sure everything looks good but professional.


6. Offer quality customer support

Gamers love to complain. If you offer a shoddy service, you will lose a lot of business. Word will spread. So, make sure that you are always offering the best service that you can.



Where to Sell Gaming Accessories

At the very minimum, you should be running your website. This is where you will, hopefully, be gaining the vast majority of your sales. However, there are also several other platforms you can make use of. This includes:

· eBay

· Amazon


Additionally, Gameflip is a dedicated marketplace for games, although it is not as popular as the previous two options. So, if you can stick to your website if you are building gaming dropshipping stores as well as those two major marketplaces, you should be able to make a decent amount of cash... as long as you follow the tips previously.




The above are profitable gaming niche ideas. We won't lie to you. It will be ridiculously different to break into the business of dropshipping gaming accessories. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort (and a little bit of cash for advertising), you can really succeed in this niche dropshipping business. You might also consider dropshipping games, doing a video game dropshipping business. There is lots of money to be made. 

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