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10 Best UK Dropshipping Suppliers That Online Retailers Should Know (Updated)

Cheryl • Selecting Suppliers

Apr 20,2020 21 min read

As more people join in today's eCommerce space, the dropshipping model has become the favorite of many. Apart from its relatively low startup cost, the management efforts required can easily be met. More eCommerce entrepreneurs are competing for their share in terms of patronage and profits. To get leverage in the competition, partnering with the best dropshipping suppliers UK is a must. Here, we present the list of top UK dropshipping suppliers that will help boost your eCommerce business in 2021.

10 Best UK Dropshipping Suppliers


GoTen Dropshipping Platform ranks on the top in our list of the best wholesale and dropshipping companies in the UK. It is because the dropshipping website is newbie-friendly, allowing resellers to gradually build their capacity in the eCommerce business. There are lots of product categories to choose from. Therefore, online sellers are sure to find profitable low-competition dropshipping products in huge demand and many great deals on this one of the best dropshipping platforms UK. 


Advantages of Using GoTen Dropshipping Platform

20,000+ Quality SKUs

There are more than 20,000 profitable dropshipping products offered by verified suppliers on the GoTen Dropshipping Platform. They have been chosen based on their reputation so sellers can be assured of safe business transactions. SKUs are also monitored to enhance the excellence of service delivery. Notably, recently, most items in UK/DE/FR stocks enjoy a price cut of at least 10%, and partial items price cut up to 50%! This must be the best time for dropshipping to get the maximum profit margins.


Local UK/US Warehouses

GoTen warehouses are strategically located in the UK, US, Germany, France, and more, totaling over 1,000,000 square meters, to assure prompt and free delivery of products. Sellers can expect their orders in good time. This is the main reason why is one of the best UK dropshipping suppliers, although GoTen UK site has not been separated from the global site.


Free & Fast Shipping

The shipping of products from local UK/US/DE/FR/CZ warehouses is very fast. Resellers can expect delivery within 24 hours or thereabout. One other good news is that shipping is FREE!!!


Strong IT Support

The IT team is dedicated and working tirelessly to ensure that online sellers and SKUs can interact seamlessly on the platform.


Responsive Customer Service

Whether it is 00:00 GMT or any other time at all, GoTen customer service agents are on standby to respond to your questions. Feel free to use the customer service when you see the need.



2. Chinabrands

Excellent supplier reputation is highly valued in the eCommerce field. Chinabrands has been building its reputation since 2007. Its headquarter is in Shenzhen, China. However, it can ship products to about 200 countries with its strategically located warehouses. They provide an all-in-one dropshipping platform for newbies and professionals alike. The only work users get to do is to promote their eCommerce sites. You can use their services for free or pay $3.99 for improved services. Your store performance also builds up points that will help you scale to a higher membership level.


3. WholesaleDeals

Wholesale deals were launched in 2004 and it has since risen to become one of the UK's best dropshipping companies 2021. It offers from 45% to 95% discounts on bulk purchases. With more than 250,000 items to choose from across diverse product categories, you'll find stuff that will interest you. You can also order human services such as installations, repairs, and many other services. Wholesale deals have a liberal policy on discount and return offers. With their excellent customer care service, you can be sure your clients will get their orders as fast and as good as they want.


4. The Wholesaler UK

This site more or less connects pre-screened suppliers and resellers. Having been in the business since 1999, The Wholesaler UK is quite experience in the business field. Notably, it has evolved to be one of the UK dropshipping suppliers that resellers love. There are lots of products and suppliers to choose from. You can compare deals from different suppliers to get the best deals. You may also order defective items, fix and resell them on the same site. 

The main limitation with this company is that orders cannot be sync to drop shippers' store.


5. Alloverprint

Alloverprint is one of the best UK dropshipping suppliers 2020 / 2021. The website is quite popular because customized T-shirts based on customers' preferences is in fashion. Alloverprint delivers excellent service in printing on fabrics. What's more, Alloverprint allows sellers to brand slippers, caps and other clothing accessories, which is quite innovative. Usually, sellers will need to invest more money in printing. The choice of product is quite limited but you can get creative with different designs. 


6. Wholesale from

Wholesale from lists trusted suppliers from China, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, and the US. Sellers need not run any background check on the suppliers. The website is highly recommended for newbies as it features guides to help newbies grow their dropshipping business. Additionally, their membership fee is free, and they also have a lot of products for you to choose from. Therefore, this is one of the best sites for you to find dropshipping suppliers UK 2020 / 2021. 


7. Gem Wholesale

Another one of the best dropshipping sites UK is Gem Wholesale. The company helps eCommerce entrepreneurs to buy faulty products such as electronics, repair them for reselling to consumers. You can also get wholesome goods. However, you need to check that items delivered are in the exact condition specified in the order. Where damaged goods are delivered in the place of wholesome ones, the company has a liberal return policy. They offer great customer support from Monday to Friday. Some users' requests sent on weekends are replied to during weekdays. One amazing feature of Gem Wholesale is its wide variety of products to choose from.


8. Resources

This is one of the most respected UK dropshipping websites. Dropshippers can use it for free. However, there is also another option, a paid upgraded plan. Resellers have the opportunity of contacting over 150,000 verified suppliers within and outside the UK. Resellers are free to contact and make deals with the verified suppliers. You can also arrange how distributors and suppliers will help you with the orders you receive on your eCommerce website. There are also lots of product categories to choose from. One major advantage of using Esources is the incredible discounts resellers can get on products.


9. Tbtrade

Dropshipping in UK may be confusing for beginners at the initial stages. Tbtrade, based on the understanding of dropshipping, has put in place measures to help newbies learn and grow their businesses with time. Generally, there is no minimum order quantity on Tbtrade platform. This online retail website is also free to use for both beginners and experts in dropshipping. Resellers get to see a list of trending products and hot deals that are rare to find elsewhere. Tbtrade also has a high reputation for delivering quality products within the UK as fast as possible. 


10. Duplay

Now, we've reached the end of the list of the best UK based dropshipping suppliers. If you specialize in selling children's toys, Duplay is one of the best online retail stores in the UK that you should try for dropshipping. They offer products from top brands such as Maplin, Makro, Tj Hughes, and many popular toy companies. There are lots of fun products and great deals that you shouldn't miss out on. More to this, their products generally range from indoor to outdoor toys, computer games, and some other child play kits. They also offer great deals on Back to School and Christmas seasons. They also support safe and secure online payment platforms such as Paypal, Mastercard, VISA, and some more. Membership is also free.



The success of your dropshipping business depends to a large extent, on your suppliers. Now that you've reasched the end of the list, be sure you have the best dropshipping suppliers UK like at your service to set up your UK dropshipping stores. Hopefully, you'll be in the top UK dropshippers list soon!

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