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100 Best-Selling Products on Amazon: What's in Common and How to Find?

Cheryl • Sell on Amazon

Jul 11,2020 22 min read

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce platforms. It is the largest online marketplace in the world. What initially started to be a marketplace for books has grown to be a platform for selling thousands of other products. 


Amazon sells about 400 million individual products. In addition to this, Amazon provides a collection of best-selling products to its users. The analysis of the top 100 best-selling products on Amazon assists you in choosing what product to sell. What do these best selling products have in common? Read on. This article also provides top tips that will help you find the best products to sell on Amazon.



What's in Common with 100 Best-Selling Products on Amazon?

These are the features common to the best selling products on Amazon.


1. Popular Product Category

There are certain categories on Amazon that buyers frequently go through to purchase their products. According to Sourcify, 12% of Amazon's best-sellers are sports and outdoor products, 8% are from the Industrial and scientific category, 9% from Appliances. Other categories include beauty and personal care, baby, toys and games, kitchen and dining, and many more. 


Other studies published on XCART and SellerApp reveal more details: 


Best-Selling Items Under Home & Kitchen

·Pressure cooker

·Drawstring trash bags

·Bed sheet set


·Mattress protector


Best-Selling Items Under Beauty & Personal Care

·Branded makeup products

·Beauty products that have natural ingredients

·Beauty tools and accessories


Best-Selling Items Under Toys & Games:

·Memory games

·Colorful toys

·Card games

·Inflatable lounges

·Wooden game kits


·Outdoor kits

·Lego blocks

·Board games

·Jigsaw puzzles


Best-Selling Items Under Electronic Accessories & Gadgets:

·Smart devices

·Portable speakers

·Back cases

·Cables and cords for computers

·Power banks and chargers


·Bluetooth devices

·Memory cards

·USB devices


·Screen protectors


2. Light Weight

Many of these Amazon best-sellers are lightweight. Lightweight products have less risk of damage in the course of shipping. Also, since many of the products are for daily activities, it is advisable to stick to these lightweight products. 


3. Standard Size

Huge chunks of Amazon bestsellers are of standard sizes. However, you can also note than this translates to the fact that oversized products are less competitive and may have bigger profit margins.


4. Good Quality & Reasonable Price

Generally, the prices of the best-selling Amazon products vary from $15 to $50 (under $70). Their costs, including Amazon seller fee, shipping charges, and wholesale price, are around 30 - 35% of the sale price.


5. Constantly in Demand

One of the critical common features is that these best-selling products on Amazon are not holiday-specific or seasonal. In other words, they can be sold all year round.


6. Excellent Fulfillment Method

A large percentage of the best-selling products on Amazon are also sold by Amazon. What this means is that if you are selling any of these products, you may be in direct competition with Amazon. However, Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), is one sure way to handle fulfillment. It provides many attractive benefits such as prime 2-day shipping. This helps to increase your sales in the long run.


However, if you don't want to handle stock, pay for warehousing, and delivery, you'd better do a dropshipping business, work with professional dropshipping suppliers like which specializes in dropshipping with local US/UK warehouses, offers fast and free delivery.


7. Positive Reviews

In addition to high sales volume, the best-selling Amazon products have a great many reviews. The combination allows them to secure a high ranking. To achieve hot sales, you must offer products that customers love and ask them to leave reviews.



10 Tips to Find Best Products to Sell on Amazon 


1. Use a Keyword Research Tool

Look for products with over 100,000 monthly searches as long as you have any ideas in mind. With a keyword research tool, you can find out all the necessary data you need, such as how many people are searching for that particular product. There are many Amazon keyword tools to use. Here are the top 10 of them:

1. Ahrefts Site Explorer

2. Scientific Seller

3. Sonar

4. Google Keyword Planner

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

6. Keyword Tool

7. KeywordInspector

8. MerchantWords

9. Kparser

10. AmzSuite


2. Find Product-Market Gaps

One sure way to do this is through the reviews on Amazon itself. Customer reviews give you an insight into what a buyer wants and expects. Buyers express their views on different products, what they like about it and what they don't. This can assist you in deciding what products to sell on Amazon.


3. Refer to Amazon's Best-Sellers Rank

One great way to decide what to sell on Amazon is by going through the list of Amazon best selling products. Thus, you get a chance to choose among the wide range of products in different categories that buyers are interested in.


4. Target Low Competition

Another way to hit it big on Amazon is by selling products with low competitiveness. However, also make sure that these products are essential. Essential products with low competition ensure that you get to sell your products to many of the users interested in it.


5. Do Competitor Analysis

You can also find a product to sell on Amazon by checking what the big sellers are driving traffic to. If you find out what these products are, you can take advantage of it by using it to influence your own decisions.


6. Combine Google Trends

This provides you with various trending topics on Google and the most popular products. This helps you to identify which products buyers are really into. It is a research tool that gives you a list of products that are worth considering.


7. Be Aware of Big Brands

While choosing a product to sell on Amazon, you need to ask yourself if there are already big and established brands that are already selling these products if there are, it means that a huge chunk of the buyer will be buying these products from them, rather than from you. Selling these products means that you are in direct competition with these big brands, and that's just pretty much tough.


8. Ensure Profitability

Another way to find products to sell on Amazon is to do a profitability analysis. "If I choose this product, how much gain will I procure?" The amount of profits per product also assists you in deciding which product to sell.


9. Think Highly of Market Size

You should choose a product by encouraging market size. How do you determine the market size for a particular product? Ask if there has been any demand for the product recently? Is there a particular season for this product? You need to get the answers to these questions to determine which products to sell.


10. Check Other Ecommerce Platforms

Lastly, you can get an idea of what product to sell on Amazon by checking out other e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Shopify, etc. Whatever is selling on these platforms will sell on Amazon. WatchCount allows you to see the best selling products on eBay, and even the number of watchers and other necessary data.



The Ultimate Amazon Product Research Checklist

Market evaluation is one important way to make money on Amazon. Before selling that product that you have chosen, you need to conduct thorough product research. This is one very important stage that every successful Amazon seller has undergone. Product research helps you to identify the best product for you to sell on Amazon.


Essentially, what Amazon product research does is to analyze every one of the appealing products, to get the perfect one. This is important as there are increasing numbers of buyers and sellers every hour. Remember that the product you are looking out for is one with good demand and an average or below-average competition.


1. Check if the product is legal.

2. Check the cost of the product.

3. How much profit will you get from selling the product?

4. What is the competition level for this product?

5. How many people are demanding for this product?

6. What is the customer review of this product?

7. Does this product sell all seasons, or is there a specific season for its market?

8. How heavy is this product?

9. How many people buy this product in a day?

10. Is this product an Amazon best-seller?

11. What is the sourcing process for this product?

12. These questions and many more will guide you into making the right choice.



Bonus: 3 Amazing Tricks to Get Your Products in the List of Amazon Best Sellers

Finding the right products to sell on Amazon is not enough. How to make your products in the list of Amazon best sellers immediately?


Trick No.1: Offer Product Giveaways Regularly

The power of Amazon product giveaways is amazing. The giveaway is a great tactic to quickly boost sales. Although you'll have to spend money, giveaways help to grow your customers, increase loyalty, promote products, drive sales, and create fun experiences.

Amazon's algorithm takes into consideration how fast a product gets sales and its historical sales data. In short, the method works if the sales volume of your products is consistently high.


Trick No.2: Lower the Price to Bring More Sales

Bear in mind that customers always make purchasing decisions based on the price. In most cases, the higher the price, the lower the sales; and vice versa.

Anyhow, never price your products lower than the costs, or you'd lose a lot of money. Notably, this tactic works well if you carry it out regularly, especially if you want to drive in more sales in the low season.


Trick No.3: Change the Product Sub-Category

Amazon products can be ranked in different categories. Another smart way to boost the ranking and obtain the best-selling badge is to reduce the competition by changing the Amazon product sub-category. You'll be amazed at how fast your product climbs its way up in the best sellers rank afterward.


The above are the shortcuts that you can use once you've settled on the product selection and started selling products on Amazon. 




E-commerce is something that has come to stay. With many buyers and sellers on Amazon, the leading online marketplace, you want to make sure you hit your sales, right and hard. The points listed in this article will guide your choice of product to sell on Amazon, making sure to generate enough sales and profits for you.

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