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10 Best Items to Resell Online for Profit

Cheryl • Selecting Products

Jun 09,2020 13 min read

A reseller or dropshipping business can be very promising for most first-time entrepreneurs. This type of business allows you to resell items online without the need of having any products. In this business, you are going to buy any products from manufacturers. Then, you will resell these products to your customers immediately. You will become a middleman between your customers and your supplier. You will be able to sell anything in your store. 

Some suppliers are ready to send any items to your customers directly under your brand or your company's name. This practice is commonly known as a dropshipping business. If you want to establish yourself in reselling items online, don't miss some of the best wholesale items to resell for profit in your market. 


10 Best Items to Buy Wholesale and Resell Online

1. Video Game Consoles

In the United States, more than 200 million people are playing video games every day. It can be a huge opportunity for you who want to export any gaming accessories to your customers from around the world. One of the most popular items for video game lovers is the video game console. Some consoles can be integrated with your computer, mobile phone, Xbox, etc., so your customers can play their favorite games from their devices easily. All in all, the video game console is one of the best items to resell for profit.


2. Drone and Accessories

This is another popular niche that you can find on the market today. Drones are gaining a lot of attention from many people today. You can target customers who are working in many different industries, from agriculture to the film making industry. Targeting this specific niche can make you huge profits. You can also sell some other accessories that are related to drones, for example, batteries, landing pads, propellers, bags, etc. 


3. Toys

The toy industry is growing very rapidly these years. Many people love playing any toys, from adults to kids. When you look at some of the biggest eCommerce marketplace stores, such as Amazon, the toy niche can be categorized as the "hot" sale category. There are some examples of toys that are available on the market, for example, lego, kitchenware, race cars, music instruments, etc. You can offer these unique toys to your customers in your store. Toys are definitely the best items to buy wholesale and resell.


4. Sports Equipment

The sport will be one of the most popular industries in the market today. Many people love doing some sports activities every day. The awareness of doing some sports activities can increase the overall sales of sports equipment and other related products in the next couple of years. The sports market is predicted to grow by more than 5% every year. Some categories can be included in this industry, for example, winter sports, football, fitness, water sports, outdoor sports, biking, etc. 


5. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best resell items for profit. If you want to have popular items in your store, you can consider adding this product category to your store. Minimalist jewelry is gaining popularity among many customers these days. Many customers are looking for minimalist jewelry for everyday needs. You can have some varieties of minimalist jewelry in your store, so you can target some potential customers to buy any jewelry from your store. Carbon ring, butterfly necklace, multicolor earrings, and ball drop earrings are some examples of this jewelry category.


6. Phone Lenses

Are you looking for popular wholesale items to resell? You can buy some phone lenses from the best wholesale suppliers. There is a huge market in the phone accessory industry. Many customers are using their phone cameras regularly. Therefore, you can target some of these people by having some phone lenses in your store. There are some top-tier lenses that you can sell to your customers, for example, Moment lenses and Olloclip lenses. 


7. Stylish Dresses

It is one of the best resell items to buy. The market for this category will never decrease. Dresses always sell like hotcakes. When you look at the market, you can find many different types of dresses that you can resell to your customers. Maxi dresses are popular among many women, especially during the summer season. You can also find some plus-size dresses or maternity dresses for being offered in your store. 


8. Makeup Mirror

When you are looking for cheap items to resell, you can consider buying this mirror today. The demand for this product is extremely huge because almost all people need this item in their home. You can try to sell some viral products, such as makeup mirrors with LED. These mirrors are usually created with portable design, so your customers can bring these mirrors to any place they want. 


9. Oil Diffuser

This is another popular product that is suitable for you who want to resell items online. It is very easy for you to target some customers who are interested in buying this oil diffuser item. The trend of this product keeps increasing from time to time. A good oil diffuser can also act as an air freshener, humidifier, and also night light. Don't forget to sell some other accessories that are related to this oil diffuser, including essential oils. 


10. Furniture

Not many people know the overall potential of selling this item. Selling home and office furniture can be a big opportunity for you. You can find some of the top items to resell online from the best wholesale suppliers in the market. There are some furniture pieces that you can offer in your store, for example, a table, bedroom dresser, cloth chair, cupboard, and some other antique furniture. You can get some of these furniture pieces at a very affordable price. Helps You to Succeed in Reselling

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