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Best Evergreen Products to Sell for Dropshipping

Cheryl • How to Sell Online

Oct 11,2020 18 min read


An evergreen product is one that is always in demand as a result of the basic need it serves for your customers. Bathing soap, toothpaste, and body soap are perfect examples of evergreen products.


Every niche has its set of evergreen products, which means consistent sales all year round. Be sure to determine the evergreen products for your chosen niche based on market research before you decide to launch your online business. In this article, we will look into the common features and examples of some evergreen products for a long term in certain niches.




4 Common Features of Evergreen Products

Selling products isn't easy without market research. Are you looking for the best evergreen products to sell online? If you're, it is important that you be familiar with their characteristics. Evergreen products stand out from other products due to specific characteristics that are relatively less obvious in other products. Some of the common features shared by evergreen products are as follows:


1. Convenience

A typic evergreen product targets customers' need for convenience. A rational person would prefer to buy a product of it will save him time and stress. In the food niche, for example, tomato and pepper purees are more convenient for the user than in the grocery form. Products that also help to make engaging in hobbies convenient most often become evergreen.


2. Affordability

Valuable products that are relatively affordable are more likely to make the list of evergreen products than the more expensive ones. Evergreen products tend to be priced such that retailers make a good profit on them in the long run. Consumers often perceive incredibly cheap products as inferior, while overpriced items are seen as fraudulent. Balancing price against customers' perception determines the affordability of evergreen products.


3. Reliability

Evergreen products should give customers confidence that they would continue to offer value for as long as they last. Most customers want good value for their money. If your products measure up to their expectations, you can be sure they will return to your store to make another purchase.


4. Protection

Customers value their safety. Hence, customer protection is multidimensional. First, are the products you sell safe for customers to use? Do they comply with all the necessary safety regulations from the point of production up to use? Do you give warranties on your products? Products for which buyers feel all-round protection have the potentials for becoming evergreen products even if they are not yet on the list.



7 Examples of Evergreen Niches for Dropshipping

As a starter, choosing an evergreen niche is essential to your survival. Also, offering evergreen products helps your business generate revenue come rain or shine. However, first of all, you should be clear about your target audiences.

Perhaps, you are wondering, "What are evergreen products?" Evergreen niches provide a relatively stable business environment that startups can cope with. Here are some evergreen products for some of the best niches you can join.


1. Sports & Hobbies

One thing you can be sure of in this one of the evergreen dropshipping niches is the customer loyalty. Hobbies provide continuous entertainment to your customers, take music as an example. They would willingly spend and return to buy whatever products to promote their hobbies or sports from your store. As such, products like treadmills, exercise machines, massage kits, sportswear, balls, bats, and nets are topping the list of evergreen dropshipping products in the USA.


2. Weight Loss

There are lots of people around the world who would do anything to lose a few pounds. Often, the customers' in this niche are willing to pay for both weight loss products and services. You may decide to offer subscription-based weight loss services or retail weight loss products. It is advisable to run both services and products in this niche.


If you can't operate both aspects of the business, it is advisable to partner with a reputable business to enjoy shared commissions and increase your customer base. Weight loss supplements and weight loss programs are evergreen products to sell in this niche.


3. Beauty

Thanks to the movie industry, virtually everyone wants to look as stunning as possible - ladies particularly. There is no limit to creativity in the beauty niche. Apart from retailing beauty products, some marketers offer training courses on using different kinds of beauty products at professional levels.


You can decide whether you prefer to only retail products or offer services. If you consider managing both retailing and service delivery in the beauty niche, you will find many successful entrepreneurs to learn from. Sephora is a beauty business you may want to study.


Evergreen products in the beauty niche include organizers, brushes, beauty kits, pedicure, and manicure equipment, and beauty programs. Beauty products are one of the evergreen products USA shoppers buy most since coronavirus outbreak.


4. Gaming

It is curious that gamers always seem to be obsessed with a new game. In fact, gaming is more or less a hobby, and gaming gears are great evergreen dropshipping products to sell in online stores.

The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative niches in the online market space. Options include mobile games, PC games, or both. If you choose this niche, you need to know the latest release of your customers' favorite games. You need to also provide customers with regular information on gaming technology, game reviews, and developer updates. 


5. Relationships

The Cupid Network is one of the notable dating services providers online. Singles want to connect with their potential mates. Everyday people want to meet more friends within or outside their climes. Niche dating services have revolutionalized online relationships. If you want to meet military personnel, for instance, the Cupid Network runs more than ten dating niche sites. What's more, Militarycupid is another dating site worth trying. 

You can choose to start your niche dating site. Offer both free and paid memberships with unique features. Use a profile matching algorithm to help users connect with people who match the exact persona be they love to meet. So long as the need for companionship remains in man, the relationship niche will continue to thrive.


6. Food

Many people grow tired of their kitchen because they have no idea what new ways to combine their recipes to create new delicacies.

The food niche is not about offering cookery books by or healthy-eating guides. Some e-commerce businesses retail food items and provide free cooking instructions on their blogs. Also, within be this niche, you can narrow down to target a well-defined set of customers. There are vegan, gluten-free, African-American cuisine categories to choose from. 


7. Self Help/ Motivation

We all want to live better lives. It is relieving to know someone out there can help us find more meaning in our lives and help us achieve our goals. Whether you choose to sell self-help programs or books, you will never run out of clients because there are too many people in need of a coach or a coaching program already. Since it natural to want more achievements, this niche will remain evergreen.



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Selling evergreen products will not immediately guarantee your success in the e-commerce business. However, it will help your business thrive despite the fierce competition that already exists in the world of ecommerce business. After survival, you can then aim for dominance. Thus, do consider the above evergreen items that you can start selling today.

Bonus Tip: It would be better if these evergreen products are trending products. 

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