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8 Best Dropshipping Beauty Products in 2020

Cheryl • Selecting Products

Jun 02,2020 14 min read

Health and beauty products are among the hot-selling niche products in 2020. A lot of people around the world care about their health and their looks. You only have to offer them the best dropshipping beauty products 2020 and they'll gladly pay for them. If you are new to the dropshipping business, your chances of success are slightly higher when you sell products in this category. We've listed some of the best-selling beauty products below that you can make lots of profit from if you start dropshipping them.


8 Best Dropshipping Beauty Products in 2020

If you are looking for the best dropshipping beauty products 2020, you should take a look at what people are searching first. According to Google Keyword Planner, the average monthly searches are ranked as follows:

1. Skin care
2. Makeup brush set
3. Beauty blend
4. Makeup kit
5. Cosmetics
6. Makeup bag
7. Makeup box
8. Eye curier
9. Makeup set
10. Makeup pallets
11. Makeup mirrors
12. Huda beauty palette
13. Tarte concealer
14. Natural makeup
15. Skin care products
16. Makeup brush cleaner
17. Korean makeup
18. Glossier lip gloss
19. Highlighter makeup
20. Makeup brand

(Updated: Oct. 16, 2020)

Here below are some of the best-selling beauty dropshipping products on

1. 15 Color Base Repair Cream Concealer

There is no excuse for an imperfect skin when you've got this product. Choose from the 15 colors which will be the perfect match for your skin. 15 Color Base Repair Cream Concealer can perfectly cover scars, dots, freckles, acne, or other flaws. The product is made of safe anti-allergic ingredients. This concealer cream is more effective at covering blemishes than concealer powder. The cream stays longer on the face as it doesn't fade easily. With no side effects at all, you can safely use the product as required. This is one of the best beauty products to dropship.


2. 32pcs Nylon Wool Bristle Wooden Handle Professional Cosmetic Brush Set

You probably didn't think you need more brush for your makeup kit until the need arises. The good news is that you can feel more comfortable when you have as much as 32 sets of brushes to do your bidding. The brushes come in a strong wooden handle to ensure a comfortable grip and longevity. The bristles are made of high-grade nylon wool. You can easily wash the brush to get it clean and available for repeated use. Whether you need the Cosmetic Brush Set for commercial or personal use, you will find it up to the task. This kit tops dropship beauty products UK in many online stores.


3. ZS-302 Glazing Machine Electric Drill Nail Art Manicure Pedicure Blue

Healthy nails require good treatments for high-quality equipment. If you would like to have the perfect nails on your fingers and toes, Glazing Machine Electric Nail Drill is a piece of equipment you must have. It is specially designed to be lightweight and power-saving so users can get better precision with the device. It is very comfortable to use and works without making noise. It is multipurpose equipment suitable for personal and commercial uses.


4. 3'x5'x1/2" Beauty Salon Square Anti-fatigue Salon Mat

As a professional barber or hairstylist, standing for long hours can take its toll on your feet and leave you stressed out. If you want to relieve yourself of stress, you can add an Anti-fatigue Salon Mat to the floor of your work area. The Anti-fatigue Salon Mat is made of high- density foam and PVC which makes it very comfortable to the feet. While standing on the mat, you can expect to work longer hours without feeling pains in your feet. Simply spread the mat under the client's chair and be sure it extends to the areas where you stand and workaround. Even if you are on high heels, you can still use the mat.


5. Household Shoulder and Neck Massage Cape Electric Shoulder Massager

Get your neck and shoulder at ease with electric shoulder massager. Whether you own a massage parlor or you need the kit for your personal use, you can trust its capacity to deliver excellent results. It works like a real person massaging the shoulders. In case you have pains in the neck or shoulders, the massager can promote blood flow and relieve pain. Its design makes it very comfortable for use. It does free your hands from manual massage.


6. Smart Temperature Control LCD Display Hair Straightener Massage Comb

Let our hair straightener comb give your hair the perfect touch for a better look. With its smart temperature control feature, you can adjust the comb to suit your hair type. Regardless of the weather or season, the comb works every time so your hair can stay straight round the year. It is safe for use as it will do no damage to your scalp or hair. Take care of frizz and flyaways on your hair with our smart hair straightener comb.


7. Massage Gun Set Handbag

If you are a DIY massage fan, our massage gun set should interest you. If you suffer from stiffness or muscular pain, our massage gun set can help relieve pains and improve blood circulation. The massage gun has 3-speed levels so you can adjust the speed as required. Its rechargeable battery can last up to 6 hours of continuous work. There are 6 massage head options to choose from. Apart from being lightweight, all the components can be contained in the handbag. You can take the device with you to your office or simply use it at home.


8. 32" M338D Rotating Barber Pole Light LED Light

Professional barbers and hairstylists value lighting in their shops, therefore, this pole light LED offers more than just a vision in the barbing shop. The cool LED light keeps your customers relaxed as you take care of their hair. The LED device is made of strong ABS material. It has high light intensity and excellent energy-saving capacities. It is simple to install and maintain. The size is just right for a typical barbing salon.


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