Automated Dropshipping: 6 Ways of Business Automation

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Jun 14,2020 14 min read

The dropshipping e-commerce business model is getting bigger every day as it is considered a cheaper route to the e-commerce business. Nonetheless, work still has to be done on your dropshipping site store. There is a need to upload product information, update price inventory, track price changes, and follow-up on orders.


When you consider how stressful managing hundreds of products manually can get, you sure want to find an easier method. Automated dropshipping offers you an easier way to manage your store. From store inventory to order management, dropshipping automation improves efficiency and hands you more free time to focus on other key areas.


How to Automate Dropshipping? Here Are 6 Ways!

Almost every part of the dropshipping process can be automated. However, it is advisable to leave some room for you to perform oversight functions as you deploy automation on key dropshipping processes. Being able to get involved in the business will help you understand your business more. It will help you discover ingenious ways of ensuring better performance in business. You, therefore, need not automate every part to the extent that your store runs absolutely on autopilot. Below are some ways you can automate your store.


1. Automate Product Import

As you begin to add selected products manually to your store for dropshipping, you notice that the process gets quite cumbersome when you have to deal with hundreds of products. The need for automated product import quickly surfaces.

Most e-commerce sites allow this feature. Automating product import helps you quickly paste product images and descriptions from suppliers to your website. You can also choose to edit some of the information manually. However, this is way faster than going manual entirely.


2. Automate Product Pricing

Just as prices fluctuate in the brick-and-mortar stores, prices on dropshipping products respond to market forces. You will need to keep your product price updated regularly so you can keep your business competitive and successful. Automating product pricing helps you keep track of changes and update price your products with less stress.


3. Automate Product Research

You want to keep posted on the new products and the hot-selling products. You may get so engrossed with work that you may not be able to run product research as you should. Automating the product research method helps you keep up with changes in your niche so you can quickly capitalize on market trends.  You can use Goten's effective product research tool to find best selling products across multiple niches. You can also get a hint of which products may become the next bestseller across the different niche.


4. Automate Order Fulfillment

Automate dropshipping orders to save you the stress of having to fill order forms for your supplier. Once your customer places an order on your store, it goes directly to the supplier so the delivery process begins without delay.


5. Automate Order Tracking

When you automate order tracking, you get codes and numbers that you can share with your customers so they can track their goods. Automating order tracking puts your customers' minds at peace as their goods eventually reach the agreed location.  You will need this more if you handle customer care. Since most of your customers will want to confirm if they will receive their goods in good time.


6. Automate Promotion

You can also use automated pop-up ads and email marketing tools to generate more leads for your products. Once you use the automated email marketing tool to get clients' emails, you will be able to reach them easily when products that might interest them are available. If you are giving discounts or running promo sales, is there a better way to spread the word faster than automated promotions?


How Does GoTen Help with Dropshipping Automation?

Goten provides one of the best dropshipping automation tools you will ever need. Whether you want to automate product import, product research, order fulfillment, or order tracking, we've got you covered. You only have four steps to follow to become a dropshipping success on GoTen.


1. Import Products from GoTen

The process of importing GoTen products in your store is so easy. If you can do a simple copy and paste actions, you are good to go. You can choose from thousands of products of our 20,000+ SKUs. Most of the products have images that you can use directly without incurring copyright issues. You should find sample product descriptions and images that you can choose to edit them if you wish.


2. Sell Through Your Online Store

Once you have completed product import in your store, you can start receiving orders from your customers. You promote the products on your store while the supplier processes the order.


3. Sync Your Orders to GoTen

You need to sync your store with your GoTen account for the complete automation of processes and monitoring. Since your customers' orders are sent to the supplier directly, all you will have to do is to confirm that the order was successfully received. All completed orders are usually treated promptly.


4. Fast Delivery to Clients

Goten has dedicated warehouses to make delivery of orders possible within one week. You can be sure your clients will get their goods as soon as possible.


Why Choose GoTen's Dropshipping Automation?

1. Ease

There is no need for any coding skills to use our dropshipping automation software. We also have our support team 24/7 to help you in case you encounter any challenges.


2. Save Time

Our automation tool helps your store run on autopilot. This means more free time for you. You can use the saved time to work on advertisements, marketing, or other activities you value.


3. Accuracy

Our tools are very accurate. Humans are more likely to make errors when carrying out repetitive tasks than software tools. You can be sure our automation tools will deliver with great accuracy.


4. Compatibility

Our automation tool is compatible with most popular eCommerce stores and websites such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Shopify, WordPress, and lots more. We also offer Amazon automation dropshipping.


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Your business will benefit greatly when you automate your dropshipping tasks. With GoTen, dropshipping automation is as easy as a cinch. 

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