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The Complete Auto Parts Dropshipping Guide

Cheryl • Selecting Products

May 23,2020 12 min read

Are you looking for the best business opportunity that is available on the market? You can consider the auto parts dropshipping as a promising business opportunity for you. There are a lot of types of auto parts and accessories that are available on the market. You can sell any of these products to your customers in your store. The growth of the auto parts and accessories industry keeps increasing from time to time. You will be able to find a lot of potential clients easily by starting your business as an auto part and accessories dropshipper.


Trends of Automotive Aftermarket Industry That Dropshippers Should Know


The automotive industry faces a lot of challenges and difficulties this year. These problems are predicted to continue in the next few years. However, you can also find some opportunities in the progress of the automotive industry. Here are some trends in the automotive industry that you need to know in the future.


a. An increasing number of sales on the auto aftermarket industry


According to Grand View Research, the global automotive aftermarket which is worth more than 370 billion dollars this year is predicted to grow from 2020 to 2027. The growth rate is predicted to reach up to 4% every year. It can be a lucrative market for all drop shippers from around the world. You can take a part in this auto aftermarket industry, especially if you want to get benefits and profit from this industry.


b. The upcoming trend of electric cars

Many people are interested in riding electric cars in their daily life. The electric vehicle industry is predicted to grow very rapidly in the next few years. The sales of any electric vehicles will increase by up to 30% every year. It can bring opportunities, especially if you try to become one of the most famous car parts drop shippers from around the world. You can sell some special car parts that are created for electric cars.


c. Online shopping becomes popular now

This is another trend that you are going to see in the automotive industry in the next few years. Online shopping will be famous because it can offer a convenient experience for all users. If you want to start your car parts dropship business model, you can simply open your online store now. Then, you can promote your store via your social media sites, search engines, online forums, etc.



Top Trending Auto Parts for Dropshipping

Before you decide to start your auto parts dropshipping business, you need to know which parts are popular on the market today. You need to know the overall products that you are going to sell, so you can structure your eCommerce website and offer the best user experience for all customers. Here are some examples of automotive parts that are popular among many customers today.


a. External parts

When you look at the market, you can find a lot of external parts of any vehicle. These external parts usually require big shipping boxes. They are commonly less fragile than any other internal parts of the vehicles. There are some examples of external parts that you can sell to your customers, for example, grills, bumpers, hubcaps, etc. Many of these external parts can play an important role in improving the overall look of the vehicle.


b. Engine parts

This is another popular category that you can choose, especially when you want to sell any auto parts to your customers. There are a lot of products that can be classified into this category, for example, turbochargers (pulleys, compressors, cartridges, etc), valves (blow-off valves, boost controllers, wastegates, etc), the exhaust system in the cars (resonators, silencers, downpipes, exhaust manifolds, etc), fuel system (fuel pumps, fuel injectors, etc). If we are talking about engine parts of the vehicles, we can find a lot of types of products that can be offered to your customers.


c. Auto accessories

This is another popular category that is available on the market. When you want to be successful as one of the best auto parts drop shippers, you should include this category to your store. Some accessories that are famous on the market include interior accessories, wheels accessories, styling products, electronics, chargers, anti-radars, DVR, cameras, etc. You can also include some tools into this category, for example, wrenches, jacks, and any other heavy tools for the vehicles. These accessories should be packed properly, so they can arrive at the destination safely.



d. Parts of the brake system

Brake is an important part of the vehicle. Some other parts are related to the brake system. By selling some of these parts, you will be able to achieve your success easily as an auto part drop shipper. Some parts of the brake system may include discs, lines, calipers, and pads. Different vehicles may have their brake accessories. You also need to classify these products based on car brands or models. – A Top Dropshipping Supplier for Auto Parts

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GoTen is the best place for you who want to start your dropshipping business. This company offers a free training session for all beginners. You can start dropshipping any auto parts and vehicle accessories immediately. You can also read the customized guide on the product research, so you can know how to find the right products for your store.



Final Thoughts

The auto aftermarket industry is pretty big on the market today. It is the best time for you to take part in this business, especially if you want to grow your business quickly. Dropshipping any auto parts can bring a lot of profit for you and your family, especially if you know how to do the right dropshipping procedure effectively.

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