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10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in 2021

Cheryl • Selecting Suppliers

Mar 26,2020 37 min read


 is a business model in product supply chains where end-chain players receive customer orders for goods they don't have in stock. Retailers mostly receive orders from customers. Manufacturers, wholesalers, or other retailers, who have the goods in stock, have the responsibility of sending them to customers. Many companies have adopted this business model. These are the ones commonly referred to as dropshipping suppliers. Now, there are hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dropshipping companies. It is very normal to get into trouble filtering through all those options just to get the best of the best.

This article, therefore, is going to give detailed information to ease this burden and boost your confidence. Below are 10 of the best American dropshipping suppliers.



Best American Dropshipping Suppliers 2021

Now that we have an idea of what dropshipping is, you need to know which companies are best at it. There are countless dropshipping suppliers in the world. But, America has most, if not all, of the best dropshipping suppliers of all time. Not just in 2021. It is not by accident that they are the best. It is simply because of helping society by solving its problems on its behalf. The 10 best dropshipping suppliers USA 2021 with good reviews are listed below.

GoTen Dropshipping Platform

sign_up_free_with_goten.com_dropshipping_made_easy is a global dropshipping wholesale platform in cross-border eCommerce. It has over local US/UK warehouses with 450,000 square meters and provides 2-8 days' fast and free delivery. You can sign up free and enjoy free membership as well as greater discounts than nearly any other dropshipping supplier.

GoTen Dropshipping Reviews - Pros: 

√ 20,000+ Profitable SKUs

No painstaking, time-consuming product research will be needed anymore – GoTen showcases the top-selling products on Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc., there are also updates of Monthly Best Sellers to help you keep up with the latest trends. Moreover, two promotional events every month offer reseller top trending products at unbeatable prices. Tens of new arrivals on all have substantial potentials of growth for surges in sales. 


√ 450,000+ sq.m. Local Warehouses

GoTen has real US and UK warehouses, which take up over 450,000 square meters in total. More new warehouses are being built and they will be put into use with the rapid growth of GoTen's dropshipping business.


√ Fast & Free Delivery

Orders will be shipped from the nearest warehouses in 24 hours. More impressively, thanks to the full-fledged logistics networks, the order fulfillment can be as fast as within 2 days for maximum customer satisfaction.


√ 24/7 Customer Support

GoTen has dedicated support teams and provides customer service around the clock. Help Center provides answers to the FAQs. Users can also reach out for pre-sales and after-sales support for any issue related to products and services.


√ Free Membership & Big Discounts

GoTen's registered users won't be charged with membership fees, and they can become VIP 1 members as long as they complete the personal profile. The membership levels are up to last month's sales. offers much greater discounts than other dropshipping suppliers.


√ Up to 3-Month After-Sales Period

With, online retailers can sell with confidence and provide a warranty, returns, and refunds as value-added services to increase conversion without running huge risks. Reviews - Cons:
√ Only with US/UK warehouses so far (Warehouses in Germany, the Czech Republic, and more will be coming soon)


After reading GoTen dropship reviews, you're probably impressed by it, which is one of the top dropshipping suppliers. What are the other best dropshipping websites that you should know to compete with the best dropshippers? 


Oberlo is one of the top dropshipping suppliers which are famous. It is among the best dropshipping sites that capitalize on fashion and beauty, electronics, and toys.

Free-for-life signs up for newbies to try out dropshipping. Premium plans are affordable for as well for people who know what they are doing.

√ Supply credibility. It has the trust of customers and has pretty great reviews.
√ Personalization of the online stores comprising of products almost instantaneously.
√ Automated order management. After order reception and requests, you just leave the rest to Oberlo - picking, packing, and shipping.
√ Automated inventory and pricing management. In this way, there are no cases of selling out of stock products. Moreover, the app sends notifications on price changes.
√ Automation with eCommerce sites such as Shopify. Hence, Oberlo is also one of the best dropship suppliers for Shopify.

× Very limited integration and business opportunities. Oberlo only integrates with Shopify for now. Oberlo partners can only interact with themselves and those at AliExpress.

× Language limitation. English is the only supported language.


Dropship Direct Services

This is another one of the best American dropship suppliers. In 2021, drop shippers are mostly looking for 24/7 service. This is just the one for them. The supplier specializes in sports, beauty, and health.

√ Value addition. Along with dropshipping, there comes inventory, sales, and marketing management.

√ Considerably wide coverage. The supplier conducts its business on 3 continents, i.e., part of North America (Canada), Europe, and Australia.
√ Provides strategic information to drop shippers concerning markets and market share improvement.
√ Free sign-up. This is great for beginners. Personal details are fundamental to have a retailer account.
√ Information confidentiality. Personal information never gets into the wrong hands.
√ Wide range of products. there are over 12 main product categories and nearly 100 subcategories.

× The supplier is based in the USA but does not do business there.

× It does not allow partners to get access to strategic information for business growth.
× Inadequate company information. The company website does not offer information because it is quite confusing. They literally get lost or stuck on the website.


Worldwide Brands

This is another one of the best American dropship suppliers. They generally search for credible manufacturers or wholesalers on behalf of partners.

√ Superior quality is guaranteed. The searching they do is for just the best manufacturers.

√ Boosts customer trust by strictly engaging only credible wholesalers. They also avail legitimate wholesalers to customers and drop shippers online.
√ Lifetime membership. However, it is at a small cost.
√ No order limits. You can even order 1 piece of an item without extra charges.
√ Wide product range. The list is endless and sourcing information is eBay-certified. Hence, Worldwide Brands are the best suppliers for dropshipping on eBay.
√ Supplier credibility. This is because of the verification procedures they go through to prevent counterfeiters and fraudsters.
√ Many suppliers. This means more product varieties.

× The company does not deal with any goods.

× Product pricing on Worldwide Brands can be sky-high. Thus, it may be hard for partners to break even.


Mega Goods

This is another of the best American dropshipping suppliers based in California. It specializes in electronics and their safe delivery.

√ 30-day free trial for beginners.

√ Affordable monthly premium plans for premium sellers. These cost about $15 monthly.
√ Affordable cost of orders. They cost about $1.50.
√ Customized packaging and branding of goods.
√ Good relations with its clients due to quality products.
√ A very well-organized and appealing website that draws much traffic.

× The increased cost of business due to extra fees. They include costs of order handling, shipping, and product restocking.

× No automation of inventory and integration with important elements such as shopping carts.



It is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in 2021 because it adds flexibility to the business. It mainly helps eCommerce entities such as eBay, Amazon, and Shopify in automating their operations, such as management of orders, returns, and product information. In this way, it helps newbies get on their feet efficiently as soon as possible.

√ Compatibility with many eCommerce sites such as eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce and Shopify. Wholesale2B is one of the best dropship suppliers for Shopify.

√ Free viewing of products and suppliers online.
√ More seller delivery options. Deliveries are also timely and done safely.
√ Premium plans are affordable and customizable as opposed to other dropshippers.
√ Ease of use in managing products and the entire account.

× Inventory control fees - restocking fees - may increase business costs.

× Limited user support in case of urgency. Support is only available during working hours via live chats and ticket queries.


Sunrise Wholesale Suppliers

This company is ranked as the best American dropshipping supplier in 2021. It focuses on direct product delivery and is well known for speed.

√ Speedy delivery taking less than a week.

√ Moderately wide catalog with over 20,000 products.
√ Affordable seller rates.
√ It offers a week-long risk-free trial for beginners.
√ Compatibility with mainstream eCommerce sites like Amazon. Moreover, they are among the best suppliers for dropshipping on eBay.
√ You can order as few or one item of a product.
√ These suppliers are also the best suppliers for dropshipping on eBay and Amazon. They offer you a customized website along with marketing tools to make dropshipping much easier and fun.

× Unbranded receipts that cannot sufficiently support any claims.

× Increased business costs due to inventory management fees.
× Limited product varieties compared to other dropshipping companies. They have just 15,000 products.
× Limited international shipping. Few products are shipped to Canada.



This is among the best dropshipping suppliers according to most US and European users. It is best known for product importation speed and providing links to product sources.

√ Full automation of inventory updates, product pricing and order management, which also translates to flexibility.

√ Real-time order tracking and access to updated inventory.
√ Ease of use especially when importing goods.
√ Free to join for life.
√ Affordable monthly premium plans.
√ Great customer relations.
√ Very wide catalog with over 1 million products.

× Limited supplier geographical coverage. It only covers the US and Europe.

× Poor user support and access to mainstream eCommerce platforms.
× Limited customization on branding and packaging.
× Customs and local taxes may increase the costs of business.


Inventory Source

This is also among the best American dropshipping suppliers because of its time-saving qualities. People can save considerable time selling and managing their products and online stores. Inventory source specializes in specific kinds of software that make this possible.

√ Affordable monthly premium plans even with automation.

√ Dropshipping and inventory are automated thus saving time. This also reflects on versatility.
√ Very wide product catalog with over 1 million products.
√ Free to join for life.
√ Good customer relations. About 8-9 out of 10 users are confident about Inventory source.

× Additional order and market access fees may increase suppliers' costs of business over time.

× No strategic market information, such as profitability and industrial competition. It doesn't give a window for market research.


This is a New York-based dropshipper whose main focus is delivering on behalf of partners. With Gooten dropshipping, your dreams of making it as a partner become real. Here is why this is true.


√ A very wide range of products. Hence, more options for customers and greater ability to create multiple online stores by drop shippers. That explains why there are multiple local manufacturer warehouses in America.

√ Universally conducive policies for overall partner satisfaction and business growth.
√ Dropshipper support is top of the range, which keeps Gooten among the best dropshipping suppliers 2021.
√ It's beginner-friendly. It provides important information about market forces, managing orders and directing traffic to a website.


× It does not teach about building an audience. You have to have the knowledge before-hand, which is a characteristic among experienced dropshippers.

× It is not the best as a part-time job or freelancing. Either you are in it fully or you are out.

Wrapping up

Decision-making on the best US dropship suppliers can be a daunting task. After reading the article, you won't be confused about how to find dropshipping suppliers, either. Deciding which drop shipping websites to use is one of the most important career and business decisions. Therefore, you'd better take your time and just go the whole hog because the 10 best dropshipping suppliers 2021 above can hardly disappoint you.

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