How to Choose Dropshipping Products?

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Mar 23,2020 27 min read
One of the wonderful things about dropshipping is that you can just hop from product to product in the hopes of finding that 'smash hit' product. You aren't going to have money tied up in anything but adverts. Of course, you probably do still want to do a bit of dropshipping product research. You want to get that money rolling in as fast as possible, right? That is what we will teach you about on this page.

How to choose dropshipping products

On this page, we are going to introduce you to how to find the best dropshipping products. We are not going to tell you the exact best products to dropship 2020 because we could disclose it to you what's behind the product selection of on which you can easily find top-selling, profitable dropshipping products. Sign Up


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Indeed, the competition would be high, but we genuinely believe that profit will be substantial once you get into a dropshipping niche. Top dropshipping products tend to sell when you are a bit more passionate about what you are doing.

What we are going to do is give you tips on finding the best dropshipping products 2020 (and beyond 2020!). This way you will be guided in the direction that is right for both you and your business.

First Things To Think About

Before we dive into the tools and websites you can use to find the best dropshipping products 2019, we want to give you a few pointers on choosing products that are going to be right for you. We will be expanding on a couple of these points in the future sections, but we want to give you a few brief ideas to get your brain working a bit more creatively.

Popularity helps

A lot of this information about doing your dropshipping product research will be focused on choosing products that are popular. We do not want you to be afraid of a little bit of competition. If there is a lot of competition in a particular niche, then it could indicate that there is money to be made. Obviously, it can be tougher to enter the market, but if you are able to gain a foothold with the best dropshipping products, you could be making a decent sum of cash.

Don't be afraid to go really niche

Do not be afraid to go for the products which may sell well, but not as well as the most popular niches. For example (and this is a very crude example). We know that cat and dog products would sell well. They are ridiculously popular animals. However, why not dropship products for chicken keeping? The market is still there. There is just less competition, and profits could be a bit higher.

Opt for evergreen products

If you are new to dropshipping, then the best products to dropship 2019 will be evergreen products. These are ones that you are going to selling throughout the year. Yes. There probably will be less competition with seasonal products, but if you don't have the right knowledge, it can be difficult to work out how to gain traffic on them.


Profit is going to be a motivator for you. We believe that the best products to dropship are those which are going to offer at least a 30% profit margin. Although, you may be able to drop this down a little bit if the product is more on the expensive side. We believe that the 30% number gives you enough leeway to make some cash, while also providing you with the ability to gain further traffic.

We do recommend that you stick to cheaper products, though. It is going to be easier to sell them. This means that money will flow in a lot more frequently, which will allow you to expand your dropshipping business quicker.

Sell what you know

You should only enter niches that you know about. It will be easier to market and find the best dropshipping products for your business.

Finding product suppliers

In our opinion, the first step of your dropshipping product research should be looking for suppliers.

If you choose quality suppliers for your products, then everything else will fall into place. This is because the right suppliers will:

· Stock products that sell well

· Have a great reputation for sending out products 'on time'

· Offer competitive pricing

All of these are vital for building up your business. You probably will need to have a 'rough' idea about the niche that you want to enter. This will make things a little bit easier for you. However, don't be so laser-focused on a specific niche that you ignore amazing product suppliers.

Thankfully, finding product suppliers isn't that difficult. There are some superb resources out there that will connect you with quality suppliers. Oberlo is one of our favorites, but you may find other ones that suit you a little bit more. GoTen, for example, a professional cross-border E-commerce dropshipping platform. If you have no idea what to sell, GoTen dropshipping platform is there to offer hit products recommendation based on big data analysis. What’s more, customized product service is also available if needed. If you’re those who want to be more competitive among the similar dropshipping sellers, GoTen maybe a great choice for you. 

Remember; if you find a supplier, you will always be able to look up reviews online. If a supplier has terrible reviews, then you may want to steer clear of them.

Finding products that will sell

For this step on how to choose dropshipping products, we are going to 'leech' off of your potential competitors. If you head to sites like:

· Amazon

· Etsy

· eBay

On the webpage of GoTen's "Platform Top Sellers," you can easily find best-selling products on Amazon, eBay, Wish. "Monthly Best Sellers" on showcases the top-selling products according to the monthly ranking. Undoubtedly, GoTen provides the most convenient way for you to find the right dropshipping products to sell.

GoTen Platform Top Sellers

You can also check the best-sellers on Amazon, Etsy, eBay by yourself to get a rough idea of what people want.

eBay, for example, will tell you how much product has sold in a specific time frame (as well as the price it is selling for). Amazon will give you an idea of how popular products are based upon the number of reviews that they have. Both sites will also allow you to see how many people are actually selling the product e.g. it will allow you to check your potential competition. As we said before; the top dropshipping products will always be those that have a little bit of competition for them.

If you want to make things ridiculously simple for yourself, then you can look into tools like Salehoo that will basically do all of this work for you. Obviously, you will need to spend money to use a tool like this, but it really will help to find products that you may not otherwise have thought of. It will really cut back on the amount of time you will spend researching the best products to dropship in 2020 too.

There are other tools too. Since it is likely that a dropshipper will be using a platform like Shopify, you can use awesome tools like 'Niche Scraper' which will tell you what some of the biggest-selling products in certain niches are. You can then use these to generate ideas for the best dropshipping products in 2020.

Finding products with potential

If you are not afraid to take a little bit of risk, then you may want to look into sites like These sites, known as 'social shopping' can give you an indication of which products are about to hit the 'big time.' If products are trending on social shopping websites (other ones include Etsy and, then there is a good chance that it would sell if you are able to dropship it.

Obviously, none of the products here are going to be a 'surefire' hit. However, sometimes you will find a potential goldmine. Checking out products on a social shopping website could potentially give you a 'leg up' on a potential market. You may be able to get ahead of your competition and start to make some serious cash.

If you really want to get 'fancy', then you may want to use Google Trends to see if a particular niche is trending, but this is something we find tends to work better for seasonal items. It doesn't work as well in evergreen niches.

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Checking competition

As we said before; competition isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you don't want there to be too much. If there is too much competition, then entering the market will be too costly. Since dropshipping products are going to be pretty slim as it is, you can't really afford to be spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to make a single sale.

Obviously, the main route to check your competition here would be to go to the big sites in your selected niche. Find out which products are selling the most here (check any promotions they may be running or bestseller lists). One of the great things about looking directly at your competitors is to check whether you can compete with them on price. If you can't, then it is probably not worth selling that particular product. Sadly, in the world of online shopping, price is going to be a massive factor in a purchasing decision.

There is no substitute for a good Google search, too. Put in a few keywords related to your selected niche (or products you think may sell), and check out the competition here. Are ads being run for a product? If so, it means somebody thinks that the product is going to sell, which is fantastic for you. It means there is potential money to be made. Check out the 'shopping' tab to see what your competition is like and whether there is a chance you may be able to beat them on price and customer service.

Summing it up

As you can see, learning how to choose dropshipping products isn't that difficult. A lot of it will come from analyzing your competition and checking for the best dropshipping suppliers. A lot of the early days of running a dropshipping business will involve a lot of research and experimentation. However, we promise you that once you have learned how to use the multitude of tools available to you (a lot of them are free), the money will be rolling in. This will allow you to rapidly expand your business and sell more products!

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