Coronavirus Prevention for Dropshipping Business: What to Sell?

Amber • Selecting Products

Apr 12,2020 10 min read

More and more cases of coronavirus infection are confirmed, so as the death tolls in the world. The economy seems in a depression, brick-and-mortar stores have been closed for nearly a month now and businesses are going bankrupt. However, an increasing number of people opt for online shopping. Undoubtedly, it’s a great chance to start selling online.

As a business model that requires just a little bit of investment for the beginning, dropshipping is becoming more popular than ever for those who are looking for a side hustle to earn passive income, instead of merely telework at home and rely on the salary — the main income source. Nevertheless, others who already have an online business might face a dilemma, as people have a tighter budget than ever.  

All in all, it boils down to a question, namely, what to sell if you decide to start a dropshipping business now?

In fact, you can easily get the answer, especially because you’re confronted with the same problem. In the article, we’re going to discuss the demands during and after the coronavirus pandemic.


First of all, the demands for coronavirus prevention products, such as face masks, infrared thermometers, disposable gloves, liquid soap, liquid soap dispensers, disinfectant wipes, overalls, and so on. It’s also great to keep doors and windows open for good ventilation. As for air pollution, an air purifier can help to deal with such a problem. Toothbrushes and towels should all be sterilized regularly to avoid infection. In a word, it’s essential to keep away from the crowd, and prepare whatever you can to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

The coronavirus prevention products sell like hotcakes now, provided you have a great number of customers or you’re able to attract them! Thus, you can pick up these products to dropship.


Next, more home and fitness products are needed. Just think about what people do at home during this period. They should telework or study - it’s likely that their old laptops or tablets go stuck and they have to get new ones!

For those who don’t need to work due to the worse operation of their companies/businesses, at least, they need to prepare meals. Perhaps, they want new kitchen appliances and kitchenware.

What’s more, as they prepare a lot of food to eat, some might get out of shape without doing exercises as usual. Those who are aware of the problem would buy body scales, fitness equipment, for example, an elliptical machine or a walking machine to cover several miles every day.

Anyone who hates to see their home in a mess would likely to buy organizers, vacuum cleaners, and even robot vacuums to help them keep everything clean and tidy.

As for more ideas, you can refer to the article, Get Sufficient Stock for Dropshipping Sales During Epidemic for the success in your dropshipping business.


What about after the pandemic?

As people will have stayed at home for so long by then, they must miss their favorite outdoor activities and hangouts so much. They will hold parties, wedding ceremonies, sporting events… Some might also resume jogging, running, cycling, swimming, or else to keep fit.

Therefore, party supplies (e.g., party tents), sports equipment, fitness trackers, and so on will be more popular.

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