8 Best Dropshipping Niches in 2020

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Apr 08,2020 18 min read

Dropshipping is one of the best opportunities to earn money easily. You will buy any items from the third-party sellers, then the sellers will ship any products to your clients directly. You don't need to handle the products directly. It can be the best business model for all beginners who don't have any business experience. In the beginning, you have to find out the best product niches for you. By selecting the right niches for your dropshipping business, you can increase your chance of getting success with your business.


Tips to Find Out the Best Product Niches

a. Consider your passion

You should never do anything that you don't like. Therefore, you have to choose the best business niche based on your passion. Working with something that you are passionate about can be the best way to achieve your success. You will be motivated in growing your business, although you face a lot of challenges along the road. Therefore, you need to ask yourself about the best topic that you are familiar with.


b. Use your professional experience

If you don't know how to select the best dropshipping niches, you can also think about your professional experience. You can try to find the best solution that is related to your company. For example, professional pharmacies can start doing their dropshipping business models by selling any health and wellness products. When you have professional experience in a certain niche, you should have enough skills and knowledge about any products that are related to this niche.


c. Solve your customers' pain point

Before you decide the best niche for dropshipping 2020, you can learn about how to find any pain points from your customers. The main goal for starting your dropshipping business is the solution to your customers' pain points. Many people have their own needs in their daily life. When you can help your customers solve their problems by offering your products, your customers tend to purchase any products.


d. Capitalize on trends early

There are a lot of trending dropshipping niches 2020 that are available on the market. However, you need to act fast when you want to pursue these niches. Many people also want to get access to huge opportunities in these niches. Because of this reason, you need to capitalize on the trends as early as possible. When you are too late in joining some of these trends, you will have difficulties in promoting any trending products or services to your customers.


e. Look at other people's passions, interests, or hobbies

When you want to find a good niche for your dropshipping model, you can take a look at other people's passions, interests, and hobbies. You can look at some social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. By looking at these platforms, you will be able to find some groups of people with the same passions and interests. You can check on these groups for finding some of the best niches for dropshipping 

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Best 8 Dropshipping Niches in 2020

1.Men’s Clothing & Accessories

Many men are trying to find the best products for their needs. The growth of this market is very quickly these days. You can provide the best products that are suitable for any men, including suits, clothes, jackets, pants, and any other men's clothing products. Don't forget to add some accessories to your collection, for example, watches, hats, ties, belts, etc. As long as you can fulfill any of their needs, you will be able to get success in this niche.


2.Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness is an important niche that is available on the market today. You can find a lot of opportunities when you sell any health and wellness related products. Many people are looking for the best products that can improve their health significantly. There are some popular items in this industry that you can promote, for example, ear wax removers, posture correction belts, anti-snoring devices, and any other interesting products.


3.Kids & Babies

The demand for this niche keeps increasing from time to time. Many parents want to find the best products for kids and babies. There are a lot of interesting things that you can find in this niche, for example, toys, baby hats, eating accessories, pampers, etc. You need to be creative if you want to get involved in this niche. Creative products will have the best possibility to attract any kids on the market.


4.Home & Kitchen

Home and kitchen become very popular among many people today. Many people want to get the best devices for their homes. One of the most popular kitchen trends this year is the extensive use of any smart devices. These smart devices can be used for various activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and also organizing anything easily. There are some interesting items that you can sell, for example, vacuum cleaners, soap dispensers, ovens, microwaves, etc.


5.Women’s Fashion & Accessories

If you want to find an everlasting niche in the world, you can take a look at this niche. Women always want to find the best fashionable products and accessories for their needs. If you are working on this niche, you will have a huge customer market to target. There are a lot of selections that you can have when you want to choose the best women's fashion and accessories for your business.


6. Phone Accessories

Mobile devices become very popular among many people today. You can have a lot of promising opportunities when you want to sell any phone accessories. There are some popular products that you can sell on your website, for example, phone holders, phone cases, mobile chargers, etc. Any of these accessories are popular among many people because they can bring a lot of benefits for the users.


7. Power Tools

Many people want to buy the best power tools for supporting their daily jobs or activities. These tools are usually available for all customers who want to complete any projects in their working place or home. There are some popular power tools that you can sell to your customers, for example, circular saws, compact drills, impact drivers, etc. These tools are very useful to be used in any home improvement project.


8. Tech Supplies

Technology becomes very popular today. Many people are looking for good tech supplies that can support their daily activities. Some great products are available on this niche, including cables, printers, computers, laptops, and any other popular tech-related products. All of these products can bring a lot of benefits for all users.


It is the best time for you to choose your favorite niche to start your online business. You can start selling some popular products on your website or social media channels for your dropshipping business now. Choose your favorite dropshipping niches that are suitable for your passion. 

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